Sunday, October 1

DIY Desk Series Kick-Off!

It's been waaay too long since we've had a good plan series around here. So I'm super excited to kick off our newest series!! Seriously, you guys. So excited. We've made quite a few plans over the past few years (including our nightstand plan series and 2x4 building series), but believe it or not, after all this time we still only have one desk plan. It was one of our 2x4 builds, and it's been the most popular plan in that entire series (find it here)! Which makes sense, because desks are a great, versatile piece of furniture to have around. So the plans in this series will all feature a desk as the star of the show. Be still my desk-loving heart.

We're breaking this down into a few sections this month: standard desks, standing-height desks, and floor desks (plus a couple plans for storage add-ons for any desk). We'll be sharing one plan a day, and all the links will show up below once they are available. Happy Building!

Standard Desk Plans
*there are several plans in the other sections that can be modified to a standard height, as well!


Standing-Height Desk Plans
The Standing Desk Intro post is a great place to start for tips and info, plus it shows how other desks in the series can be modified to standing-height!

Floor Desk Plans
The Floor Desk Intro post is a great place to start for tips and info, plus it shows how other desks in the series can be modified to floor height!

Add-On Plans for Any Desk
These are a great way to squeeze more storage into any desk in the series! Don't miss more tips in the Add-On Intro post.


  1. ugh, I love all of these, but I can't see any of the pictures you added for reference ....

    1. Sorry to hear that! It could be that our photo server was down for a while. Are you able to see them now?

  2. Is there any particular type of plywood you would recommend for the top of the desk?

    1. Hi! For projects like these I use sanded plywood because it give a much nicer finish. I avoid structural or sheathing plywood because, although it's cheaper, it's super rough and tends to have really large knot holes that make it very difficult to get a smooth finished project. I get the standard sanded plywood, I don't splurge for hardwoord or anything. Hope that helps!

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