Thursday, March 15

DIY Constellation Wall Hanging

One of the best ways to make your house feel like home is to decorate with unique pieces you love. But what happens when you can't find that perfect piece you're searching for?

Well... guys... that's where a little DIY magic in order. You probably already know that, because you guys are amazing, but today I'm going to show you some of the easiest DIY magic ever that you can use to make your own sweet constellation wall hanging (or just about any other wall hanging you can come up with!)

When we were finishing up our gallery wall in the dining room, I knew I needed a large piece on the right end for balance. And I had a vision of this amazing constellation map that would fill the space perfectly. But, search as I might, nothing I turned up felt right. For one main reason: I wanted a fabric wall hanging. Something a little more casual. Something that didn't need to be framed and that would add a more texture to the grouping. Turns out those are... hard to come by.

But then out of the blue, completely by accident, I stumbled across the perfect thing. It was at a cute little home decor shop I love to visit when I go see my sister. And on this fateful day, they had a set of tea towels. With constellation maps. Bingo. I grabbed the set for $10, and with just a couple more supplies I made my own wall hanging!

Here's all you need to make your own:
  • Tea Towel - suggestions at the end of the post! (constellations not your thing? Pick any pretty tea towel and get to work!)
  • Dowel Rod 24" long (any size, I had a 1/2" rod in the basement that worked great. I do recommend checking the length of the rod against your towel before cutting it, in case your towel is a different size.)
  • Rope (I used cotton string, but I'm going to swap it out for a beefier cotton clothesline)

Are you ready? I only have one picture of the process, because it's literally that easy. Lay your towel face-down and find the top edge. Fold the top edge down about 1 1/4" and pin it in place (If you're using a different size dowel rod you may need to fold down more or less to get a good fit).

Sew along the bottom edge of the folded fabric (marked with a green line in the next pic!) to create a pocket. Slide your dowel through the pocket. You want to leave 1-2" of dowel exposed on either side of the tea towel.

Tie the string to the ends of the dowel rod, and hang it up! Mine is on a command hook at the moment while I make sure I like it there. Ain't nobody got time for extra holes in the wall.

Now here's the catch. I cannot for the life of me find these same towels anywhere online. Sorry guys. But here are a few other options that might work for you (and remember you can use any other design or pattern you like instead!):
  • Phases of the Moon - I almost wish I'd gone with this one instead!
  • Constellation Printable - I love the style of this one! It's an image download you would need to print onto iron-on paper and then apply to your towel (or other fabric).
  • Horoscope Towel - not quite the same as the constellation towels, but it's close
  • Moon Towel - a couple small constellations, but mostly a really big moon. 
  • Constellation Map Wrapping Paper - yes, this one is paper, but it's too cool to leave out and was my back-up plan if I couldn't find a fabric option (btw they have a ton of other gorgeous papers, and these sweet poster kits for turning any one into a vintage-style poster!)

What kind of wall hanging would you love to make?

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