Thursday, December 19

DIY Duck & Goose

If you have kids, there's a good chance you're familiar with the Duck + Goose board books. They're so cute, and my kids have all loved them as toddlers. Two years ago m3 was completely smitten with Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin - like read it five times a day smitten - and I knew he needed a Duck and Goose-inspired present under the tree!

I started with the Duck and Goose Christmas book, and I thought a set of plush toys would be the perfect pair with it.

So I got to work and whipped up this sweet little set. They are the perfect size for snuggling!

I used fleece for this project to make them nice and snuggly, plus the stretchy fabric is more forgiving for the curved areas so you don't end up with any pointy angles.

Here's all you need to make your own (I bought my fleece on Black Friday and spent about $5 for the whole project!):
  • the pattern (download it here)
  • 1/4 yard white fleece
  • 1/4 yard black fleece
  • 1/4 yard tan fleece
  • 1/4 yard yellow fleece
  • 1/4 yard orange fleece
  • thread
  • stuffing
You'll follow the same steps for both birds.

Start by cutting out all the pieces.
Sew the white of the eyes onto the head near the the top slit, then sew on the black eyes. I used black thread to add their cute little eyebrows (I just used the sewing machine and ran back-and-forth a couple times to make it darker).

For goose's beak, lay the tan strip on the top piece of goose's beak and sew along the top and bottom. Skip this step for duck's beak (the beak is the only difference in sewing the two birds).

Lay the beak pieces with right sides together pin them in place around the curved edges. The goose beak will stick up as shown below, but the duck beak will lay flat. Stitch the curved edge with a 1/2" seam allowance, leaving the back open.

Turn the beak right side out and fill it with stuffing. Center the beak on the face and sew around the edges to attach it. (Goose's beak should reach up farther between the eyes).

You'll have this:

Fold the face in half with right sides together, lining up the sides of each pleat. Sew each pleat with a 1/2" seam allowance.

Pin the face to the back of the head with right side together (you'll have to squish the beak to fit it in between). Sew around the top and sides of the head, but leave the bottom open for turning. Turn it right side out. It should look like this:

For each wing, stack two wing pieces with right-sides together and sew around the curved edges, leaving the straight side open. Turn the wings right side out.

Sew the legs the same way: stack two pieces with right-sides together, sew along the sides and bottom (leave the top open), then flip them right-side out.

Lay the two back pieces with right sides together and sew along the back edge only:

Now we can put the whole thing together. Lay out the front body piece, then lay the legs and wings on the body as shown below. Baste them in place 1/4" from the body edge.

Lay the back face-down on top of that hot mess and pin it in place.

Sew along the sides and bottom with a 1/2" seam allowance, leaving the top open.

Clip the curves, then turn it right side out. The front will look like this:

And here's the back:

Start attaching the head to the body. Lay the face against the front of the body with right sides together (as shown below). Sew along the front and sides of the neck, tucking in the raw edges as you go. You'll need to hand-sew this part!

It should start looking like this:

Once you get near the back, go ahead and stuff the body and head. M1 loved helping with this part. Finishing stitching around the back of the neck. You're done!

Just in time for Christmas!

And here's a quick bonus project: M3 had had a totally Duck + Goose birthday that year so I made him a sweet little Duck + Goose crown.

You can download the pattern to make your own here. And check out the rest of my crown patterns here.

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What gifts are you making this year?


  1. That is fantastic! You have made Duck & Goose proud! And I know them personally...Tad