Saturday, September 10


This is actually from the last two weekends. I never got around to posting them last week. :) Not a lot of purchases, but I had fun hunting (especially with a couple of sisters to share the fun with)!

$0.50 - brown necklace for me & bag of broken necklaces for jewelry making

$0.75 - books for Baby B

$0.50 - rope. You never know when you'll need it. :)

$1.00 - Shirt for me & a book (love the movie, so hopefully it's good!)

$3.00 - 9 month clothes for Baby B. I asked if they would take $0.25/piece and they said yes. Sweet. (Sorry for the terrible pics. I didn't look at them until after the clothes were washed & stored!)

$1.00 - drying rack so I can start air drying my diapers. Just one of those collapsible wooden ones. It's already in the basement ready to go. :)

Tuck & Run - Is it okay to post a Christmas present to myself? Because I called Grammy (my mom) after I saw this and she said she'd buy it for us for Christmas, and I'm super excited! Well, here it is - a Joovy Stand-on Tandem Stroller! Pretty sure it's this guy that sells for $150. Snagged for only $15. (It's probably an older model than this picture, but looks pretty much the same!)

I love yard sales. And summer, and they kind of go hand-in-hand. I don't even want to think about winter, but I know it's coming and I still have a few things I hope to find before summer is over - long sleeve shirts for Baby B, a couple baby gates, some fabric, and a reason to move south. Not getting my hopes up on that last one. :) How about you? What are you trying to get in before Summer is over? I want to get in as many walks as I can before we're cooped up!


  1. Still painting a couple of bathroom shelves; kitchen tv stand painted red (was green) and ready to reassemble. Two larger units might have to wait until spring.

    Maybe a couple of thrift shops will tide us over this winter.

    Ditto on the walks. Sheebs and I need our girl time.

    Down almost 15 lbs. Would love to shed the last 5 before all the leaves are gone.

    Received compliments on the new tote. :)

  2. Ooo, sounds like you have lots of fun projects going on! I love what a difference a little paint can make. :)
    Great idea about the thrift shops! I definitely will need to hit a few of those when my yard sales are gone.
    Congrats on the weight loss! Way to go!

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