Thursday, September 22


I had another weekend back home to shop with my sisters. We found just a few sales, but had tons of fun, as usual. Here is my loot, starting with my favorite find!

$4.00 - old ammunition case. I'm glad my hubs was with me to spot this one. I love it! It will probably be going up in our room.

$0.80 - five shirts for me (one didn't fit so I gave it to a sister). 

$1.75 - winter clothes for Baby B

$1.00 - torque wrench for my hubs. He saw one at the first sale for $5, passed it up, and then found one for $1 the same day!

Free - basket, glasses, book and a small picture frame from the free box. 

Tuck & Run - $2.00 - printer/copier/scanner! They said it worked last time they used it, so for $2 we'll see!

Did you find anything good last weekend? Are your sales winding down, or still going strong?

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