Wednesday, September 7

Sneak Peek

We bought paint for the office back in July and it has sat around since then waiting to make it onto the walls. (our master bedroom painting escapade put us off of painting for awhile...we had to work up to it) :) But when my dad came to town for the weekend, I decided to dive in while I had some help. Fortunately painting the office turned out to be a much easier job than the master bedroom. We still have everything pulled out to the middle of the room, so this is just a sneak peek of the color. I love it!

And this is how I usually decide on color, just in case you are curious. I go to Lowe's and pick up a whole pile of paint chips in the color family/ies I like. Then I start by comparing the samples to anything in the room the color will need to go with. In this case I put them on the bedspread and then pulled out any that didn't go well with the colors of the bedspread. Once I've narrowed the selection down a little, I tape the remaining samples up in the room. (usually against the trim to see what works with it) I leave them up and "live with them" for a while until I finally decide which one I like best.

I chose the top one, Valspar's "Elegance," and had it color matched to my favorite paint, Olymic Premium. I love the gray with a hint of brown, and it turned out very rich and warm. Now to get the rest of the room feeling that way.... :)

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  1. Looking nice! It is always nice to have extra help when you are painting :)