Saturday, September 3

Baby B's Feet

I still have an empty wall in the nursery and when my sister found this picture on Pinterest, I knew it was the perfect thing to fill the space!

My sister (Baby B's Auntie B) happens to be an artist so she even had a blank canvas we could use for the job! I think it was 24 x 36" which is a perfect fit for the nursery. Here's a little before shot:

Before we did any foot prints, Aunt B and I went hunting in the basement to see what kind of paints we had to work with. We found a nice flat blue that would do the job and I put a quick coat on the canvas. A second coat would have a made a more evenly colored canvas, but I like the look of the brush strokes that were left after only one coat, so I went with it! I thought it looked nice and artsy. :)

Once it dried, I painted a little white acrylic paint on Baby B's feet while daddy held him and made his prints on the canvas. He did wiggle a little, but we were happy with how it turned out. We placed them in a spot that we thought would leave room for more prints, but also had space before it for another set. I am going to try to make a stencil of his footprints from the hospital to put before it so we can have a more complete record. (we don't have any pictures of making the prints because it took all four of our hands and we wanted to get the paint off his feet ASAP!) I do wish we had started sooner so we could have prints from every month. Next time.

Underneath the prints I used a fine tip sharpie to write how old he was. I think I'll probably go back and add the date, too. I wrote small because I didn't want to draw attention to it, but still wanted to be able to look back and see when we made each set. (yes, he does have 5 toes on his right foot. you just can't tell because he wiggled.)

And, for the grandparents, here are Baby B's close-ups with his first work of art. We are so proud! :)

Such a sweetie pie. :)

You can see how long it's been since I took those first pictures. :) We have a second set of prints now and just finally got it on the wall! We're thinking about doing prints about every month or every two months. So far we have 12 and 20 weeks and I think his feet are perfectly bigger in the second one. :) My dad just gave me the idea to take a picture of him with the canvas each time we do prints, so we can compare how much bigger he looks at each age.

We can't believe how fast he's growing. It will be great to have this to look back and see how tiny he was and how much he's grown!

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  1. What a great idea to capture and display those sweet footprints as he grows.