Saturday, August 13


I didn't do any yard sale hunting this weekend because I had a little sale of my own! I'll share some details about that later, but until then here are (finally) my finds from my shopping last weekend.

 $0.35 - Spool of ribbon & small bottle

$0.20 - Shirt for me and onesie for Baby B

$1.25 - 2 pillow cases & an oven mitt

$1.00 - Photo matte, caulk, and a set of casters

$0.75 - Tin full of buttons & and a froggy nutcracker

$3.00 - Set of glass jars. Maybe for pasta/rice in the kitchen?

 $3.00 - Chairs. I got the two in the middle for $3, then my grandma gave me the other two for free! Yes, they are begging for a makeover. And I'm happy to give them one. :)

$5.00 - A beautiful blue quilt. My friend is thinking about redoing her bedroom with blue, so I couldn't resist picking this up for her. :)

We were back home for the weekend so it was fun to shop with my momma and sisters again. Anyone else have any good buys (or do any selling) this weekend?


  1. Oh, I love the tin of buttons. And the glass jars--I use a lot of those in the pantry. Your matching shirts are great and the sentiment on his onesie is soooo true.:)

    I got some pretty good finds for $9.75 at a church rummage sale yesterday, and ran into your sweet mom-in-law there.

    The tote arrived yesterday--even prettier in person!

  2. We had a yard sale and it went pretty well! We're trying to figure out what to do with the leftovers though....

  3. Thanks Rhetta! I checked out your finds on your blog. Nice work! :) Enjoy the bag!

    Nathan - that is the challenge. Especially with a lot of leftovers. :) Craigslist?