Thursday, July 26

Baby Steps

I really would like to finish the kitchen soon. Really. It turns out it's kind of hard to make progress on such a big project with a baby running around. We're kind of stuck at point where we need two sets of hands for cutting plywood and moving cabinets, but the only time N and I can both work on it is when Baby B is safely tucked in bed and by then we don't want to wake him with power tools! This is the most recent step we've completed, and that was a few weeks ago. I guess we're taking "baby steps" to a whole new level. :)

So what did we do? Oh, we just built a hugenormous corner cabinet. No biggie. Except that it was pretty big. And stubborn and stinking hard to move! We assembled it in the middle of the kitchen floor before sliding it into place. For anyone interested in attempting a corner cabinet of your own, I definitely recommend Ana White's plans. Unfortunately in our case we didn't have room for a handy corner cabinet of that size. Boo. So we just made things up as we went along and built something that would fit the space.

Although it did take us a few tries to get a good fit. We decided the best use of our space would be to make what's called a blind corner cabinet to fill most of the space and add a spice pull-out next to the sink.

Which ended up looking something like this. Well, so far.  the big part is the blind corner, which just means you have a door on one end that leads to a cavernous pit of storage. Fun stuff. But it was definitely better than no storage, so we went for it! The part on the left is the spice pull-out. It's like a tall drawer with skinny little shelves for storing small things like spices. It's a good way to make use of a couple extra inches of space.

 But there is bad news. There was a measuring fiasco, and the spice drawer is actually too narrow and there is a gap between it and the sink cabinet! Such a bummer. So while the cabinet is mostly done, we have to completely rebuild the spice drawer. Which probably will involve pulling the whole cabinet back out to get to the drawer slides. Yay. So for now it sits there, like the rest of the kitchen, waiting for it's time to come. While we spend our days swimming and gardening and reading and playing and watching the occasional episode of Sesame Street on Netflix. Because, really, there will be plenty of time for the kitchen later.

 For now we're much more interested in making the most of this summer with Baby B. Who has discovered that big empty cabinets make great forts.

Happy summer to us all!

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