Friday, July 20

Garden Bounty

Okay, it's not exactly a bounty yet. But I'm very hopeful! If I can get Baby B to stop pulling thing up. I made a mistake the other day and let him watch me pull weeds. Now he pulls up everything he walks past including two tomato plants, a pepper plant, and most of the things in my planters on the patio. And to add insult to injury, he usually throws his spoils into the pool. Especially if he knows I just filled it up with fresh water. Double awesome. But I digress.

Some of m more viney plants need room... well... to grow, so I used some tips from my Square Foot Gardening book to rig up some vertical space (because it's all about making the most of those square feet!)

We got two pieces of metal conduit pipe from Lowes and had each one cut into three pieces: 3', 3.5', 3.5'. Then we used elbow joints to connect the pieces into two U-shaped frames. We drove pieces of re-bar into the ground and slid the legs of the frame onto them to hold the whole thing upright. Then I wound some nylon cord around to create a net for the plants to climb up (the book suggest a nylon net but Lowe's doesn't carry that, so I made do)

Then I wound the vines up through the web to get them started. I put one frame on the end by the melons because the book said even those can grow off the ground! We'll see about that. :) I already have one teeny tiny watermelon growing !

The other frame is down in the middle of the bed by the snap peas and beans. Here's what we spent on the whole project:

$2.00 - two 10' pieces of conduit
$12.00 - four elbows
$8.00 - four 2' pieces of re-bar
$4.00 - roll of nylon cord
Total: $26.00

 So, once again not the cheapest way to garden but at least we should be able to use this for years to come! And if it works it really will save us space. But so far my favorite thing about this whole garden is NO WEEDS. I have to constantly stay on top of the weeds around my strawberries a few feet from here, but I haven't had a single weed in the raised bed yet.  And as for the actual bounty, we've already had a handful of snap peas and we find a few cherry tomatoes everyday! Baby B hasn't learned yet that the red ones are best.

 "Look mom! I found more tomatoes! Aren't you proud?"

 "I think I'll eat one...."

"WHAT is WRONG with this?!?"

We're working on it. Yesterday he first picked only red ones. Then settled for yellow. Then went for green when the rest were gone. We've also found a cucumber and two big yellow squashes. Note for next year: zucchini plants get HUGE. Should have left more room around that guy. Also, everyone is telling me one zucchini plant will yield more than you'll ever eat. Well, guess what, I already planted two. So... I guess we'll be eating tons of zucchini.

 They are heavier than Baby B bargained for.

 He's concerned about how we'll ever eat so many zucchinis.

Fortunately any extra zucchinis will make great toys. 

 And for a quick update on the other bed, we're getting lots of lettuce and herbs! And not really eating any.... Hmmm. I need to find a way to start using these. I think pesto is definitely on the menu! But what do I do with a giant sage plant?

How is your garden growing? Do you want a zucchini? Is "zucchinis" the plural of "zucchini"?


  1. I saw your original post about the raised bed and wondered how it was coming along! Good for you! I never got around to planting one cuz I had a "foundation" planting fiesta going on! Your little one is adorable!

  2. Aw, thanks! It took me four years to actually get a garden started. Ha ha. :) Maybe next year? What are you doing a foundation for?

  3. Hi Georgia, we have a new home and I planted a garden around the house foundation! It's been mid-90's with no rain for WEEKS since I planted, so I've been watering like crazy! I feel bad using water, but it's either that or they'll croak!

    1. Oh no! Unfortunately we're in the same boat. I just have to keep watering too! I'm not looking forward to the water bill, but what else can we do? :)