Wednesday, July 4

Nifty Thrifty

I didn't do any yard sale shopping last weekend, but I did hit up the thrift store The reason I went was to pick up some mugs for my brother-in-laws wedding in a couple weeks. Which I was pretty successful at.

 Then I found out all the housewares & clothes were half-off (which meant all those cups were only $0.15 each). Needless to say, I left with a little more than just mugs.... 

I picked up a couple mix & match shirts and skirts. Remember how I mentioned the wedding is coming up? Well, I have no idea what to wear to weddings. They are fancy occasions, and I am not a fancy girl. So maybe I'll work out something from these, maybe I won't.  But I figured they were cheap enough it would be worth a try before paying full price for something. What would you wear if you were me???

I also got a couple summer shirts for Baby B. The green plaid is my FAVORITE.

I also found out they give two free kids books to each customer. I picked one called "The Blanket Show" and "The Golden Goblet" which is a book I read when I was younger so hopefully Baby B will read it someday too.

And I got a sweet pair of sandals for $2. These are exactly what I've been looking for to wear to church in the summer! And maybe to a wedding?

I got this step stool to put in front of the window in Baby B's room. He's not quite tall enough to see out, but with this he can! He is loving it already!

 $0.40? Um, yes please. I do need a fruit bowl. Thankyouverymuch.

 Even half-off these lamps were $3 each, but they are just the shape I have been looking for so I couldn't pass them up! They will probably get painted and then go in our room. I'll keep you posted. :)

Nope, not done yet. I also found this awesome set of mugs. They are currently hanging under the metal shelves in the kitchen. Beautiful.

And, last but not least, a couple yards of fabric. I'm thinking the white would be a fun back for a baby blanket or a sweet throw pillow, and I haven't decided about the blue yet. Any suggestions?

Anybody else fall of the yard sale bandwagon this week? Or were you never on it to begin with? :) Did you do any thrifting this weekend?


  1. What great finds! The blue looks like it would make a nice pillow or maybe even a skirt. For weddings, I try to think of what I would wear on Sunday and then make it fancier by adding heals and a little extra sparkle :) I thrifted this last week and found some great baby clothes for a friend!

    1. I was thinking of recovering some pillows, but maybe I should branch out and try a skirt! I don't wear heels due to general clumsiness, but I do have some sparklys! I think this is going to be fancier than most weddings I go to and I have a dress that would probably work, but I think I need to do a skirt and shirt since we'll be there all day and Baby B likes to nurse before naps. I guess two-pieces just don't seem as fancy? I'll try adding some sparkles though and see if I can pull it off!