Tuesday, July 24

More Flags for Baby B

If you've been following my blog very long, you probably know I have a flag problem. I love a good flag, bunting, or garland. So when I found these sweet bunting curtains at Ikea, I knew Baby B needed them! He love them this much:

 Yep, loves to hug on them, lay on them, and play on them. Well, at least until I put them up. :)

 *flashback* These are the curtains I had in the nursery before. And they were nice, but I really wanted something more fun and more BOY. Plus these were so big they were kind of overpowering in such a small room.

When I saw these curtains at Ikea I thought they would be perfect for taking this room from gender neutral nursery to little boy's room.  They were $30 for a set of two panels, and I wanted to try something a little different than my norm (and save $30!) so I just bought one pack to split between the two windows. My idea was to do one panel per window and pull it off to one side during the day. I ran straight to the nursery when I got home to see if I would actually like the idea, or if I made a huge mistake buying only one pack from a store over an hour away....

 If those look like food canisters on the dresser, it's because they are. We have kitchen stuff spread randomly throughout the house while we work on the cabinets. Fun.

First thoughts: I like it, but I don't know if I love it. I love the color and fun the fabric adds, so it's definitely a keeper. And I like that it frees up so much wall space around the crib so the room doesn't feel so weighed down and crowded. But does it look goofy with curtains only on one side?

 Here's a better look how open it feels now (does anyone else think this room is begging to be painted? I can't convince N....). Second thoughts: Maybe I just think it's weird because I don't usually do it, and once I get used to it, it will grow on me. Also, there's nothing I can do about it now anyway - I don't get to Ikea very often!

So I went ahead and hemmed them up and let them hang for awhile. Probably a good two months now. And rearranged the furniture in the meantime! Surprise! Okay, I admit it's not a huge change. I just switched the chair and the dresser to make the middle of the room a little more open for playing.

I would like to find a way to get the lamp over by the chair, though, so I'm still working on the layout a little. Baby B knew I was cleaning up for pictures and very thoughtful pulled out the big blocks. Such a good helper. Oh, yeah, and waiting to see if I warm up to the curtains....

 And you know what? They did grow on me. But really, with all those flags how could they not? :)

One thing that helped me decide was adjusting the curtain rods. I left one side bracket (in this pic the left side) in the same place, took out the middle bracket, and moved the right bracket in even with the window trim. And yes, I need to fill the holes and paint where the brackets used to be. Someday. By moving things around a little there is still plenty of room on the left of the window for when the curtain is open:

 And the curtain covers the whole rod when it's pulled closed so it doesn't look goofy (and there is not middle bracket keeping it from closing all the way):

So overall it was a pretty simple but fun update to the nursery! And this pic is just to reinforce that we do, in fact need to paint in here. Or I need to learn to work better with beige walls. But really, let's paint. And I'm ready to ditch the bird mobile for something more fun and grown-up as well.

On an unrelated note, this is apparently the ONLY way to play with legos. Sitting on top of them in the box. Now you know.

Do you have a favorite set of curtains? Anyone else like to change up your rooms every now and then? What color would you paint my nursery? And how would you convince N it needs painting??? :)


  1. First of all - OUCH! Sitting on legos looks painful! LOL. I would paint the bright blue of the flags... Convincing N... hmmm. Well, my thought is that paint is easy to fix if you don't like it. You could paint just one wall to start? I have my kids rooms painted really bright blue... Been meaning to post about my kids rooms, so I will put pix if you want to look at them!

    1. Ha ha, I feel the same way but that's the only way he'll play with them! :)
      I just checked out your bedroom pics, you did a great job! And I really like the idea of painting one wall to start with. I'll try convincing N to do that first. :) Thanks!