Tuesday, January 8

Christmas Jammie Jams

Sometimes Pinterest lies. Can I get a "Boy Howdy"? This is one of those times. After seeing all those posts about how easy it is to make pajama pants, I was all like "Hey, I'll just whip up some special Christmas jammies for the whole family!" Oh. My. Word.

I started with a trip to Joann Fabric for some fuzzy flannel. The Christmas prints were 50% off so it was about $2.50/yard (I think). Cute, right?

Then I "just turned a pair of pj pants inside out and traced them onto the fabric." You know.  Like easy and magic and stuff. Then just pin the pieces together, sew it up, and wa-lah! A wonky pair of pants-ish. Just like that. Sigh. I ended up declaring N's red pants and B's moose pants "the learning pants" and buying new fabric to start over.

The good news is the new fabric gave me a chance to make super cute matchy pants! (notice how I picked plaids lots of and stripey fabrics? Fail.) Plus I got the fabric on black Friday for 75% off. That part was a win. Except that I had already bought fabric once so really it's still a fail. But who's keeping score? Anyway, I finally ended up with a decent pair of pants for each of them.

And then I spent a while trying to get a picture that good. ^ And ended up with a lot of this:

And these:

I also pulled off a pair for myself. I'm still not sure what I was doing wrong most of the time. The legs came out all twisty on the first two pairs, so I lined them up a little different the second time around and it turned out okay. I still wouldn't say great. But if anyone wants to take a swing at the tutorial I tried (and please. please tell me how to do it) it's at Dana Made It. And for the record she has very successfully made pants. So..... let's not draw any conclusions from that, k?

In the end, we did enjoy the pants very much and wore them ALL DAY on Christmas. To the family parties and everything. It was both fun and comfy.

I'd love to hear your successful pants tips, or your biggest Pinterest fail!


  1. BOY HOWDY!!! :) However, once my stomach heals from its latest fit I'll finally be assembling my laundry room storage shelf inspired by your 2x4 projects! Looking forward to it!