Thursday, January 10

Snow Man Handprint Ornament

My MIL & Baby B made us a super cute gift this year! A snowman hand print ornament!

I LOVE how it turned out, and it was pretty easy to make. The only tricky part was getting a legible - er, distinguishable? - hand print from Baby B. :)

She used a dark blue ball ornament as the base & used white acrylic paint to make Baby B's hand print on it (kind of wrapping around the bottom, so the fingers reach up the sides towards top). Which was about a 3 person job, I believe! She said a black sharpie was perfect for making the eyes, mouth, and buttons on each snowman, and she used colored puff paint to add hats and scarves to each little finger. She also wrote his name and the date on the bottom so we can remember when we're old. :)

Super cute, right? Do you have a favorite hand print ornament?

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