Wednesday, January 23

Momma's Day Off

Yesterday this momma got a day off! Husband used a vacation day to take Baby B on his first big date with daddy... up to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago! I found out too late that I sent along a camera without a memory card (oops), but N was still able to take some phone pics of their fun day.

Riding the train.

"Let's go on that underwater boat!"

"I know what I want to be when I grow up!"

Driving a tractor with the daddy.

"OOOOO, pedals!"

"OOOOO, buttons!"

"Pigs are my favorite!"

"Daddy, these aren't real pigs..."

"I still like them."

Water table fun.

Water + balls = Baby B paradise

I can't believe how tall and thin he's getting!

Watched some baby chicks hatch and kept signing "more birds!"

Ready to get back on the train.

They both had a great time and Baby B was sad to come home. I had a great day doing mostly nothing with my sister (she was in town for a long weekend & her boyfriend went up to the museum with my boys). There was much food and napping involved. :)


  1. your boys are great! :) seeing dads out with their little guys is the best