Monday, July 8

Last Hurrah

After B had a crazy-good time camping last year, we really wanted to squeeze in a trip again this year. But with baby #2 due at the end of the month, we were running out of time! So last weekend we packed up our sleeping bags and headed to the campground. We went somewhere new this time (no lake for swimming - boo.) but it was down near my parents so we were able to go see my sisters in a play one night and my family got to join the camping fun.

It was the perfect chance to break in N's father's day present - a new tent! It's seriously huge. And awesome. During a couple rain showers we could invite everyone in to play games. And there was much snuggle napping.

We found out pretty fast that we are not as awesome at camping as we thought. At least not on the food front. To start with we brought probably three times as much food as we needed. Oops. And then there was the cooking. Let's look at Exhibit A...

That was a foil packet dinner. It may look empty, but don't be fooled. It started with a piece of chicken in it. If you look closely, you can see the bones. I swear we checked it like 5 minutes before and it was raw. The good news is, to burn something that badly you need a fire... and we had finally figured out how to start one! The first day my pregnant dramatic self was certain we would starve because all the food we brought required cooking and the fire was not happening.

Some things turned out better. These kabobs were delicious! Never mind the fact it took us a solid 3 hours to cook them. Even with the fire started, it took us a good while to figure out how to cook the stinkin' things on it.

But let's not forget the star of the show. B had a fabulous time, just like we hoped. He was a little iffy about sleeping in a tent the first night (he kept asking to go "in-ide, close eyes.") But once he made it through the night he was all on board.

His aunty brought a little pool to keep him entertained at the campsite.

We were also right next to a park, and we went to a parade on Saturday.

So he kept pretty busy and had a wonderful time being waited on hand and foot by all his aunties.

I was not very good about taking pictures. All I have is B in the pool. Oops.

But anyway, we did end up having a great time and I'm SO glad we pulled it off before baby gets here. Anyone else going camping this summer? Can you teach me how to use a campfire?

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  1. love the pics. glad you guys are having fun in spite burnt chicken lol. i have trouble stating fires too but thank goodness my dh doesnt. i thought i had emailed you already as well as mention it in a post comment on here but maybe i forgot. i held a contest back in may for teh sewmamasew giveaway and you won. i need your adress to sendit to you. you can email me your address at the contest was for some sewing patterns and some baking chocolate.