Friday, July 19

Black & White Gallery... finally revealed!

You guys love a cliff hanger, right? Turns out I'm VERY good at leaving you hanging with projects. My bad. You probably don't even remember that almost 2 years ago I posted about starting the gallery wall up in our master suite. I left you with a pic of the painted frames up and waiting for pictures that came about a week later. And then I never mentioned it again.

All because of one little thing. See that piece of newspaper hanging in the middle of the collage? I had one little frame that got skipped over in the painting and I didn't want to do a reveal post until it was totally done. Well.... it literally sat on my upstairs railing until I painted it a couple days ago. I don't have a good reason. I'm lazy/forgetful/unmotivated.

But now I can finally say... it's done!!!

And I love it. I love the pictures. I love the black and white against the pale yellow walls.

I love that sweet little boy who sucked his thumb for all of 2 months.

And I just love that I finally checked it off my list.

It's a great pop against that unused wall at the top of the stairs.

And I mentioned in the original post that this was a super cheap project to pull off. Here is a recap of the costs:

Project Cost Breakdown:
$5.00 - frames from yard sales (just an estimate, they were all $0.50 or less)
$1.00 - spray paint
$2.00 - mattes (from Dollar Tree)
$0.50 - picture hanging kit (from Dollar Tree)
Total: $8.50

Plus the costs of prints, of course. Most were 4x6s from Walgreens that are $0.19 each when they're not on sale. The larger prints are from like 5 years ago and I have no idea how much they cost, I just pulled them back out for the larger frames.

What have you guys been procrastinating lately? Have a project you finally finished up?

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  1. The gallery looks wonderful! I just finished a wedding present for a friend that got married last June and am trying to finish up some crochet projects before I allow myself to buy any more yarn :)