Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Clipboard Calendar {free printable}

Last year it was the middle of February when I finally made my printable clipboard calendar. And I loved it. I loved that the simple style was pretty enough to hang in my kitchen. I loved the big spaces. I loved that it was on a clipboard so it was so easy to pull it down, mark a date, and put it back up. You guys, I can't go back to regular calendars.

But this year it was over halfway through March and I still hadn't found the time to make an updated one. In February I thought I would just move the numbers on this one rather than start over, and I didn't even find time for that! So I did the easiest thing I could think of. I deleted all the dates so I can just print a new one off every year and write them in. If you're photoshop savvy that may not be the faster option for you... but it definitely is for me!

And I made that into a free printable for you. Because a 2014 calendar is not super helpful anymore.

So if you are as far behind as I am, or really like to plan ahead for next year, you can print your own and fill it out with the correct dates for the year. Then just clip it on a clipboard with a loop at the top and you're good to go! As each month ends I like to just slip that page to the back of the stack. It makes it much easier the next year because I can flip through the pages and copy any important dates like birthdays.

Now my only goal for next year is to have it printed in January. And maybe change the main font. But let's not get carried away.

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Nightstands Day 18 - Easy Open Storage

We've made it to the final day in our DIY nightstand series! See the entire series here. Today's plan is the fastest, easiest nightstand we've shared thus far. Kind of like no homework the day before spring break? It's a simple design with lots of open storage.

This super simple build is a great way to get your feet wet in DIY, or a great first project for kids who want to follow in your footsteps! The open storage is perfect for stacking all your favorite books, or tucking in a few baskets for extra blankets.

This nightstand is inspired by another Ikea find. It's very affordable, but the beauty of DIY is that you can adjust it to any size you need. Plus it's a good option if you're not one of the lucky people that live next to Ikea!

image via Ikea.com

Shopping List:
1  -  1x12  @  8'
wood filler
wood glue
1 1/4" screws
Kreg Jig with 1 1/4" pocket screws (optional)

Finished Dimensions: 20" wide  x  16" high  11 1/4" deep

Friday, March 20, 2015

Nightstands Day 17 - Nesting with Drawers

It's already day 17 in our DIY nightstand series! See the entire series here. Today's plan is one of our favorites in the series. It's nesting tables that are like two nightstands in one!

You can separate them when you need more space (too many books to read, anyone?) and tuck them back in when you don't.  They U-shaped legs help the tables slide neatly together to look like a finished piece.

I spotted just a little glimpse of some nesting tables in a Better Homes & Gardens magazine that inspired the plans today. I made the top drawer a little deeper but tried to keep the clean lines and simple style.

image via Better Homes & Gardens magazine

You can alter the length of the legs to get the height you need for your bed. But don't stop there! These nesting tables are also great in the living room!

Two tables = two drawers for double the hidden storage! Ready to build your own? Let's get started!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Nightstands Day 16 - Chunky Modern

Welcome back! Today is day 16 in our DIY nightstand series. See the entire series here. Today's nightstand has a chunky build paired with clean lines for a modern style. It's a wide, shallow plan with a large drawer and an open shelf.

We'll be giving you two options for the base - keep it open (above) or frame it in (below). It's an easy way to customize the style to your taste! And of course you can customize it further with the paints and stains you choose. Our combo of stained top and black painted legs adds to it's modern elements, but you could always tone it down a bit by finishing the top and legs the same.

This design was inspired by another nightstand I spotted on pinterest. I fell in love with the sleek, industrial style. We painted wood legs black to mimic the look, but if you have a way to make a metal base (any welders in the group?) you could more closely match the inspiration. You could also try a set of hairpin legs to give it a more industrial vibe. 

image via pinterest

Shopping List:
1  -  2x12  @  8' (you can use a 6' if you cut your sides being about 1/8" shorter)
2  -  1x2  @  8'
1  -  1x12  @  4'  (or a 21" scrap)
1  -  1x10  @  4'  (or a 20" scrap)
1  -  1x6  @  4'
1  -  1x8  @  4'  (or a 20 3/4" scrap)
wood filler
wood glue
1 1/4" screws
2" screws
Kreg Jig with 1 1/4" and 2 1/2" pocket screws (optional)
finishing nails (optional)

Finished Dimensions: 24" wide  x  25" tall  x  11 1/4" deep

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