Wednesday, April 28

Sign Language Poster FREE PRINTABLE

I've always had a super hard time decorating my walls. The last couple years especially so, as I've worked to curb my tendency to over-buy home decor by waiting for something I really love that is a good fit for the space. But I also wait something that is affordable (thrift stores are my jam) and it often takes me quite a while to hit that sweet spot where beautiful meets affordable. Which, for me, sometimes results in empty walls for years at a time. I mean, we've lived here over five years and we still have several blank walls! BUT I was finally able to fill one empty space in our home library with this sweet sign language alphabet poster!

I spent ages trying to decide what I even wanted to hang in there - since it's our main homeschool space, I knew I wanted something that would be educational, but still beautiful. As I'm learning to better embrace my roll as the keeper of our home, I really want to create spaces that are beautiful, comfortable, and useful for my family! When I came across the idea of a sign language alphabet poster, I knew it could be just what I was looking for. 

Now I've seen sign language posters before, but none of them were, well, cute. In fact I found several free printable options on pinterest, but none of them had the cute factor I was looking for. And while I found a few beautiful posters with the more simple style I wanted, none of them fell into the budget I was looking for (the cheap-to-crazy-cheap range). So I decided to make my own! And I turned it into a printable so you can make one too!

Tuesday, February 16

Hot Chocolate Mix

Guys, it is cold out there. I can't think of anything better than snuggling up with a warm drink, so today I'm bringing back our favorite homemade hot chocolate mix recipe!

There are a lot of hot chocolate recipes out there, but here's the thing: my husband says this one is the best. And he knows hot chocolate. You know how people like to start the morning with a hot cup of coffee? He starts every morning with hot chocolate. And this isn't a new thing; he's a life-long hot chocolate man. My in-laws like to tell about the Alaskan cruise they took when my husband was 10, and guys, he drank all the hot chocolate on the boat. So when he says this one is his favorite, you can go ahead and stop looking. You have arrived.

Monday, December 21

DIY Paper Sack Christmas Stars

Hey peeps, I've got a super easy Christmas craft for you today! We're going to make these giant paper Christmas stars: 

And the best part? This project only takes about 10 minutes and costs only $1.00! It's a great way to make a big impact with limited time and budget, and it's super fun to do with any kids who are able to use scissors on their own. We've been hanging these all over our house this week!

Here's all you need to make your own:

  • 7-8 paper lunch sacks (you can usually get a pack of 40 at Dollar Tree!)
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • string or yarn (you might be able to find string at Dollar Tree, too!)

Friday, December 18

Easy DIY Minimalist Christmas Wreathes

Hey guys! Today I'm going to show you how I made these super easy minimalist Christmas wreathes for our hallway! I love hanging a wreath on every door in the hallway because it makes that whole space feel cheery... and because hanging a wreath only takes about five seconds. Super fast and super festive? Yes please!

Check out all my Christmas decor tutorials here!

If you were following last year, you may remember I made something similar with fresh greenery I clipped from our yard (find that tutorial here). I really loved how those turned out, but honestly I was not thrilled with the idea of repeating the process this season. It was a pretty pokey experience. So, this year I opted for faux greenery from Michaels. I also added a little twist this year by including the pine cones that came with my floral picks and adding a few brass bells that are delightfully jingly by day and less delightfully so by night. It's the price we pay for Christmas magic, friends.