Thursday, December 5

Felt Pirate Map + DIY Stocking Stuffers for Kids

There is something special about giving handmade gifts to our kids. Even when we don't have larger handmade gifts on the Christmas list, I love tucking a little surprise in my boys' stockings. Today I'm going to show you how to make this sweet little pirate map, and then I'll link a few more of our favorite handmade stocking stuffers down at the bottom of the post!  

  • felt - for this map you'll need two full sheets of sand-color, a sheet of blue for water, and any other colors you want (I used greens, brown, grays, red, and yellow)
  • thread (I used a sewing machine, but you can also stitch by hand)
  • 22" long ribbon
You can customize this tutorial to make any design you want! You can make pine trees for a forest map, add a castle for a knight's map, or make an outer-space map for an astronaut! 

For this pirate map, I started by drawing up a basic idea of what I wanted my map to look like:

Monday, December 2

5 Tips to Simplify Your Christmas Decor

Minimal + Christmas. Two words that may not naturally go together. And while I wouldn't call myself a  true Christmas minimalist, I am finding ways to embrace a style of Christmas decorating that means less clutter, less to store, and less to pack up when the season is over. It's all about making careful decor choices that can make a big impact with minimal effort!

I might just call myself a simple and uncluttered Christmas decorator. In fact, this year I had an entire tote of decor left over from years past that we didn't even put out. And it feels like a huge step toward my Christmas decor goals of less fuss and less clutter. I've always struggled this time of year to strike a happy balance, because I want my home to be warm and festive, and I want to create lifetime memories with my boys. But I also know that I get stressed out when my home feels like chaos. This year, I'm here to find the best of both worlds.

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So today I'm sharing a few of my favorite Christmas decor tips that bring a punch of festive style without totally smothering any already overwhelmed folks like myself. Here's what we'll cover:
  1. Greenery
  2. Lighting
  3. The Color Red
  4. Beads
  5. Using Your Space Well 

Thursday, November 28

Easy DIY Christmas Decor

It's official. After today, all bets are off for Christmas decorating. But did you know it's only four weeks until Christmas?? So today I just wanted to share some of the best easy DIY Christmas Decor I've come across this year. And I mean easy. Because let's face it, at this point I don't have time for anything more than that! But I still love a cozy, handmade Christmas. So here are some of the best and easiest Christmas decor tutorials I've found. From ornaments to tree skirts, I've got you covered. So let's check out some decor you can truly pull together at the last minute!

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Click on the photos or links below to head to the tutorials! Most link to other blogs because those ladies have already done the hard work. So all we have to do is follow along to make our own Christmas magic. Happy making, friends!

Monday, November 25

Minimalist Gift Guide for Kids

You guys know how much I love Christmas.

But every Christmas brings a great balancing act. We want to create a magical time for our kids, but we don't want to be wasteful of our time, money, or space. I find myself drawn more and more towards minimalism, and I'm still learning how to balance that in a house full of small kids. I have to be careful or things get out of control reeeeally quickly. Especially around the holidays. So today I'm sharing a shopping guide just for those of you who are in the same boat and struggling to strike that minimalist balance.

But first, here's the best tip I can give you: JUST BUY LESS. It's okay. You don't need a ton of gifts, or expensive gifts. You'll save money and save that precious space in your home if you just don't buy that stuff in the first place. What a win! One thing that helps us with this is doing the "four gifts" list:
  1. Something they want.
  2. Something they need.
  3. Something to wear. 
  4. Something to read.
Four gifts = instantly less junk and clutter. But you can even takes steps to make sure those four gifts fit the lifestyle and habits you want to build for your children! Let's take a look at a few thoughtful, minimalist gift ideas for each category: