Sunday, September 17

House Painting Update!

........ We're getting there. The end.

JK. Definitely not the end, but for the most part we are husband is slowly chugging away painting this whole house ourselves. Himself. I do help some. This sounds bad. Let's move on. Today marks two weeks in and we are *almost* done with the first coat.We just have the soffits and maybe a window frame left got go. And then the second coat. But it's probably best if we don't focus on that right now.

It's blue! Still yellow trim here, though.

Now let's go back for a minute. A few weeks ago I bought sample cans of paint in our top three colors - dark blue, light gray, and a medium greige/green - and shared them on instagram and facebook to get your feedback. Blue was pretty much a landslide winner. Which was almost all the encouragement we needed (we'd been leaning that way ourselves), but I couldn't quite pull the trigger. Because I made the same mistake I've made almost every. single. time. I've bought paint. I second guessed myself at the last minute and got a sample in a slightly different shade of blue. Why, Georgia?! WHY??? *regret* I guess I tend to panic when I think I'm committing to something too crazy (did I mention I've done this before?) and as we went to pick up sample cans, I put down the dark navy-ish blue I'd had my eye on all along and opted for a more greenish hue that was slightly lighter, brighter, and, I thought, less intimidating.

Monday, August 28

GraceLaced Book Review {you don't have to be blooming to be growing}

There are a still a couple days left to pre-order the book and score some sweet pre-order bonuses! See the deals and register your order at the GraceLaced book homepage by August 31st. Available on Amazon, along with the companion journal.

I've loved reading through my advance copy of the GraceLaced book. It's packed with beautiful artwork, inspiration, and hope. It will meet you in whatever season of life you find yourself in. It encourages you to dive into the word and remember God's promises for your life. And throughout is the beautiful reminder that
you don't have to be blooming to be growing.

I've followed Ruth Chou Simons and GraceLaced on instagram for some time. I've loved both her beautiful artwork (we have a few of her prints hanging around the house), and especially her heart. She is a mom to six boys (which speaks so clearly to this mom of three boys) and writes often about the challenges she faces and the hope she finds through it all.

So I was thrilled to find she was working on a full devotional book! And it did not disappoint. Every chapter was packed with words of hope and memorable tidbits I could carry with me throughout the day. It tackled hard topics like fear, trials, and finding peace (yes please), and left me feeling hopeful every. single. time. In so many ways it was just what I needed, and just at the right time.

Saturday, August 26

Give the Kid a Camera {the best Christmas gift ever}

Christmas will be here before we know it, so today we wanted to give you a little gift-giving tip with the single. best. gift. we've ever given our son. Ever.

Baby ducks by the pier at Lake Michigan.

Two years ago, when m1 was just four years old, we gave him a digital camera (more details on the one we chose in a minute). That's it. It sounds so simple. But I'm here to tell you, we were completely unprepared for both how much he would treasure that gift, and the sweet peek into his little heart it would give us. And an added bonus for us has been all the sweet little moments he's captured that have completely escaped the rest of us. Like his dozens of attempted selfies with his baby brother:

He loved this camera so much, he took it everywhere we went for weeks. Going to the store? Hey, I'll take pictures of everything we pass in case you forget!

He even took it when we went house hunting and captured this first shot of our future pantry.

Thursday, August 17

DIY Library Bag (from a $5 Ikea slipcover!)

Our library trips have become more than our favorite bag can handle. Also... we lost it. So it really was time for a new library bag, whether we liked it or not. And thank goodness for that because now we have a bigger, better bag!

Plenty of room for books!

Plus pockets on the outside for bookmarks and summer reading program cards.

And nice long straps for holding it over my shoulder (while wrangling a certain one-year-old who goes all floppy-fish when he's unhappy).