Tuesday, January 17

Wifi Password Printable for Guests

We like our spare room best when it's full. Spare rooms. We have two. Because we love having visitors. And with large families out of state, we're trying to make our house as appealing as possible. Hint hint, family. We haven't done much in the guest rooms yet, but I'm hoping to make them as inviting and guest-friendly as possible. So when I saw this idea on pinterest, I jumped on it! It's a super simple idea that can be really helpful to guests as they settle in.

It's just a little frame to display the wi-fi password. So simple, but so helpful! And I made a printable version so you can print your own. You can download the pdf here in both 4x6 and 5x7 sizes. 


We went with the 4x6 (we already had an empty frame that size) and put it on the little dresser we use as a nightstand by the guest bed. It's easier for them to have it handy, and easier for us to not scramble to find it when someone asks.

So... at least we have that. Did I mention I don't know what I'm doing in here? I'm doing a trial run with some thrift store bedding. And I might paint the walls. Or maybe get a new headboard. And shiplap.

So let's hear it: tell us your best tips for a guest room! Favorite colors, design elements, helpful amenities, anything. What makes your stay at someone's house enjoyable?

Thursday, January 12

The ART of Thrifting

A few weeks ago I found myself shopping alone. Alone. If you have kids, you understand the gravity of that key word. Husband kept the boys home and I sailed away like a little free bird. It's a whole different world when no one is crying or pulling on your pants (note to self: wear a belt) or putting extra things in the cart. Instead of thinking "GET WHAT WE NEED GET OUT GO HOME" I took the long and leisurely approach. I hit two grocery stores, wandered the aisles at Joann fabric, and then I spotted it. A little thrift store I'd never even seen before. It called to me. "Georgia, I'm full of treasure. Come in." Okay, Thrift Store. You win. I scoped it out in peaceful solitude, and brought home one of my favorite thrift-finds ever. A beautiful little oil painting.

First confession: I've never paid any attention to the art/frame section at thrift stores.

Monday, January 9

Farmhouse Bench Plans!

We're loving the new benches we built to go with our DIY farmhouse table. There's something wonderfully warm about gathering the family around a big table with benches. They invite the family to gather around, relax, and share life together. So today we're sharing plans you can use to build your own (and don't forget to get our oversize farmhouse table plans here). 

Their typical breakfast style.

You know how sometimes you can tackle a project with no hesitation because you know exactly what you want? Well that's not what happened here. We spent a solid four months working out the details of our dining set plan. We debated chairs vs. benches, the style of bench, stretchers, the size, would it fit under the table or sit against the legs... On and on. Building furniture is kind of a big ordeal, especially when we have three little boys to work around (usually only one of us can work at a time), so we did our best to make benches we won't want to replace for a very (very very very) long time. We finally reached the conclusion that, besides fitting the traditional style of our farmhouse table, benches would make the room look less cluttered plus we would be able to squeeze in a few more people.

We also decided that they wouldn't be narrow enough to slide under the table. We have enough space for them to be out all the time and this way we wouldn't have to worry about digging them out from under the table if they got pushed in all the way. Plus the extra foot on each end gives more space sit!

We skipped the center stretchers and lined up the bench legs with the table legs.

Friday, January 6

Top Posts of 2016

Today we're looking back on some of your favorite posts from the last year! Let's countdown the projects you guys have visited most from 2016:

10.  Rustic Captains Chest Plans

This little sweet little chest was part of our new Friday Hack series. It's great as a nightstand, end table, or anywhere you need to squeeze in a little storage.


9. DIY Hymn Art

I love a little DIY text art. These are quick, easy to make, and meaningful. Get the templates and instructions for three different hymns here.


8. Moving On

2016 was a year of big changes, starting with saying goodbye to the little house we loved and moving on to new adventures. This was the only non-project post to make our top 10 list this year!