Sunday, May 10, 2015

DIY Big Brother Shirts

The boys have a little bit of an announcement....

Yep, coming this halloween there will be TWO big brothers in the house! We are all so excited, and apologize for the lack of posts as most of my free time has been spent napping lately. Babies make me tired, you guys. But I wanted to stop in and share how we made the big brother shirts we used to make the announcement to family and friends. This was my first time finally trying freezer paper stenciling and it turned out great!

What you need:
fabric paint & brush
freezer paper
an exacto knife
"big brother" printable
"bigger brother" printable

Start by printing out the images for the shirts. Printing them full-size worked great for both a 4t shirt and an 18m shirt, but you can scale them up or down if you want a different size. And of course you can print your own using any fonts you like!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Patio DIY

Spring is here, and we're ready to get out of this house. For a couple years I've been dreaming of extending our patio so we would have room for lounge seating, a dining area, and maybe even a fire pit. It's easier to take little boys outside to play if you have a comfy place to chill, right?

We built a comfy sectional and added a garden, but a patio was still on a long list of dreams for our little piece of the outdoors (you can see our dream list here).

The patio was pretty far down the list because, as it turns out, patios can be expensive. And we had at least a chunk of patio already. But last fall we stumbled across an opportunity too good to pass up - Husband's workplace was re-doing some pavement and dumped a pile of old pavers in the back of the parking lot. For free. First come, first served.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Kitchens Across America (and $100 Visa gift card giveaway!)

The kitchen has long been known around the world as the heart of the home. The place we gather, talk, laugh, share our dreams, raise our kids, and make the very food that sustains us. The hub of family life. And the American Kitchen is no exception. From coast to coast, it is the anchor of the home. It's where life happens. But I think the American Kitchen is unique in that its face is so diverse. It has changed so much over the decades, and continues to change in ways that reflect the diversity that is us. There is so much variance based on geographic location, economic background, and cultural roots. If we look in our own neighborhoods we can find a wide range of kitchen styles, cooking styles, and family styles.  Every family is unique with different needs, different history, and different culture.

When I think of the American Kitchen, my first thoughts go to the originals. Settlers coming to a new world and moving west, with minimal supplies, small homes, and only fireplaces or wood stoves to cook on. But that's not what it is anymore. We've come leaps and bounds with modern amenities from running water to refrigerators to microwaves to grocery stores. I have a Kitchen Inspirations board with some of my other favorite ideas for a modern American kitchen.

Even my own kitchen has evolved over the last seven years. It's gone from feeding two newlyweds to a family with two wild little boys. From boxed mac 'n' cheese three times a week to meals cooked from scratch. From a chilly rental proper to a cozy kitchen of our very own. It's where we've learned to bake bread, plant seeds, ice bruises, and parent our kids. What a journey these walls have seen.

Our kitchen three years ago in February 2011.

My idea of an American Kitchen now is a place that pulls our family together. We go about our days to work, to the park, to the store, but every night we all end up right back here. Together. We cook, work on projects, finger paint, and clean up spills. We fill our tummies with nourishing foods and hearts with laughter. We grow together.

Since 1905, GE Appliances has been a part of changing the way people live, play, cook, celebrate, and shape life at home in America. For 110 years they have been making products for the American people - for individuals and families whose unique needs, history, and culture give America its rich diversity.

This is why GE Appliances has started a documentary series called Our American Kitchen. It takes a peek into real homes across the country to see real families living life in their own kitchens. From an autistic boy who found a voice through cooking, to an injured athlete turned home chef. From a family with children adopted from around the world to a woman who started a cookie business out of her home kitchen. We'll see how different these kitchens can be, yet they still work in the same fundamental ways. This is the idea behind Our American Kitchen. You can see there first documentary here.

Time to give away a $100 Visa gift card to one lucky reader! Want a chance to win? Just leave a comment answering this question (and make sure we have a way to contact you if you win):
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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Clipboard Calendar {free printable}

Last year it was the middle of February when I finally made my printable clipboard calendar. And I loved it. I loved that the simple style was pretty enough to hang in my kitchen. I loved the big spaces. I loved that it was on a clipboard so it was so easy to pull it down, mark a date, and put it back up. You guys, I can't go back to regular calendars.

But this year it was over halfway through March and I still hadn't found the time to make an updated one. In February I thought I would just move the numbers on this one rather than start over, and I didn't even find time for that! So I did the easiest thing I could think of. I deleted all the dates so I can just print a new one off every year and write them in. If you're photoshop savvy that may not be the faster option for you... but it definitely is for me!

And I made that into a free printable for you. Because a 2014 calendar is not super helpful anymore.

So if you are as far behind as I am, or really like to plan ahead for next year, you can print your own and fill it out with the correct dates for the year. Then just clip it on a clipboard with a loop at the top and you're good to go! As each month ends I like to just slip that page to the back of the stack. It makes it much easier the next year because I can flip through the pages and copy any important dates like birthdays.

Now my only goal for next year is to have it printed in January. And maybe change the main font. But let's not get carried away.

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