Saturday, October 13

$19.95 - Back on the Yardsale Train

So... I took most of the summer off from yard sales. I know, who am I?!?  Between lots of family time on the weekends, and not a lot of extra money in my pockets, yard sales just didn't fit in like they used to. But last weekend was an exception. My mom, a couple sisters, a friend and I went to a nearby town-wide sale where we hit up 29 yard sales in one morning. And that was just in two small neighborhoods. It was crazy! Here is my haul:

$0.25 - fabric. I'm planning to use it to line bags. I always like to have something pretty inside!

$1.00 - two card games. (p.s. mom, I owe you $1)

$3.00 - 1 pair of pants, two pairs of shorts, a t-shirt, sandals, and converse shoes (what?!) for next summer.

$2.00 - A small seat. According to Baby B. It's actually a paint sprayer that may or may not come in handy when we have a bunch of cabinet doors to paint. We'll see.

Free - board game and desk lamp. One sale had closed up already and left everything on the curb for free! Yay!

$0.25 - pants for the momma
$1.00 - sweater for Baby B

$0.20 - two jar mugs

$2.00 - 8 Calvin and Hobbes books. I grew up reading these and plan for Baby B to do the same. :)

$1.00 - tool set and bin. I plan to stash these away for a rainy/snowy day when we need something new and exciting to do. Of course Baby B spotted them the moment I walked in the door. So we played with them for a day and now they are hidden.

$0.75 - three books for Baby B

$1.00 - animal ABC puzzle. A bit advanced for Baby B at the moment, but not something I could pass up. We'll definitely need this someday.

$0.25 - two petal bowls. I've been looking for something to keep rings in by the sink since I *confession* lost my wedding ring. *sob* Anyway, I think these will be perfect!

Free - a couple yards of fabric. This lady found we had similar fabric interests and told me to take this home! So, of course, I said yes. :)

$1.00 - aviator sunglasses. I am the self-picture master. Frizzy hair, weird smile, lots of shower background. Yep, I'm a complete package.

$0.25 - lantern. Needs a little TLC. Or at least a little dusting. But it will be fantastic.

$1.00 - two clamps

$3.00 - lace. These were from a yard sale I wen to on Friday and the lady there said some of them were hand crocheted!

This is also from a sale on Friday. It was a sweet older man and he had this box of jars for $2! These are the things I dream of at night. The bigger three are probably gallon size (I don't think the picture  does them justice) and there are two smaller ones about 1/2 the size. And did I mention $2 for all of them? Yep, I tucked it and ran all the way home.

The one that got away....
I guess it didn't really get away because I never really had it to start with. My friend picked up a shark steam mop for $15 (she ended up getting it for $12!). If she had put it down I would have snatched it right up. But she felt the same way about the little converse shoes I got for Baby B. :) You win some, you lose some.

And now your reward for making it through yet another yard sale post! Baby B!

Helping momma make bread dough. Very seriously.

"This bowl doesn't TASTE like bread...."

"Woe is me! Dough on my hand! This is the worst!"

Any body else squeezing in a last yard sale or two (or thirty) before the season ends?

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  1. Love your post. I also love yard sales. One nice thing about living in Florida is there is no shortage of them year round.