Friday, October 5


We'll get back to our regularly scheduled series in the morning. But first it's time for...

A Baby B Fix!

A bike cart + new bikes for mom & dad = lots of trips to the park for Baby B.

 It's best to have a snack and a carefully stored sippy cup on the ride. Also funny, he never wanted to wear a helmet until we got some too. Now he LOVES it. He points at his head when he wants to go for a bike ride.

 He loves the stairs....

 ... but he's not so sure about the slide. Hence the daddy death grip.
Daddy is the funniest. It's a fact.

This is his interpretation of how daddy does the monkey bars. Interesting....

 Okay, not Baby B. But this was my first daddy endorsed diaper. And it it fantastic.

Now you can get your weekend started of on the right foot. You're welcome. :)