Wednesday, April 17

$4 = 4 Bags

Good news guys - yard sale season is creeping up on us! In fact last weekend a local mom's group had their big rummage sale! I didn't make it until later on Saturday which turned out to be perfect because they started $1/bag! Here's what I brought home for just $4:

6 summer maternity shirts and a maternity sweater. Perfect because all my maternity clothes are from winter last time! The thing I love about $1/bag is that I can just get anything that might fit and it's not a big loss if it doesn't. This is jut what I kept - there were 4 more shirts that didn't fit well, so I'll just pass them on to someone else. :)

A jacket, two sweaters, and a white tank (these are not maternity). The jacket might be my favorite find of the day!!

A little something for my mister - a pair of shoes and two pairs of dress pants that look like new! I feel like this was really lucky because I never find pants for him at yard sales and these were exactly his size and in great shape.

Some itty bitty girl clothes. Turns out I can't pass us flower onesies and tiny skirts. :)

Aaaaand some itty bitty boy clothes. Yeah, we're having a surprise so I'll be prepared either way! We do have B's baby clothes in the basement, but I couldn't pass up "my dad rock" and "little brother" onesies. Not to mention tiny little shorts for our summer baby. On the right are 3 neutral sleeper sacks that we can use either way.

Baby play rings (how did we not have any of these last time?) and be-still-little-B's-heart a Bob the Builder book. He ran home and pulled out his other two Bob books so we could read them all together. He also got a big orange bat. He's all boy.

And a hanging planter for the mama. I've been drooling over these so I snatched it right up. And when I got home I found a West Elm sticker on the back and a $24 price tag! Not a bad deal. :) I'm still on the search for the perfect place to hang it. Oh, and a plant. :)

And this was my shopping buddy. Cute as a button and sweeter than pie. He was so good staying close to mama and even played with a couple other kids.

Oh those lips. And here's the new jacket in action! Cute? Or not so much? I feel like it's cute, but I pretty much have no fashion sense to speak of. And no, I don't remember the last time that mirror was cleaned. I'll put it on my to-do list.

Anyone else hit up a yard sale yet? I'd love to see what you found!


  1. I love what you found! This makes me itchy to get out and find a yard sale. :D