Saturday, April 13


This week kind of blew my mind. Our sweet little baby boy...

turned TWO.

Of course my sentimental pregnant self has spent more than a few weepy moments looking back to his first few days with us.

Who knew time could pass so quickly? Just like that he went from tiny newborn to chunky baby.

Then we blinked, and he turned one. (you can see last years birthday posts here and here)

Then another summer came for our nature-loving boy.

And just like that, here we are. We have a two year old. And I know everyone says it, but seriously. I remember bringing him home like it was yesterday. Now he's a running, climbing, hopping, singing, dancing, genius of boy. And we still can't get enough of him. 

Here are all the new fun facts for our now 2-year-old little mister:
  • He doesn't walk anymore. He runs. And sometimes hops.
  • He's starting to like all kinds of big boy things! Coloring books, puzzles, books, and wooden train sets make up most of our days. 
  • He is such a helper. Whether it's loading the dishwasher, mixing something for dinner, or folding laundry, he wants to be there helping his mama. He even comes in the bathroom to hand me toilet paper. No joke.
  • He has such a sweet spirit and hates to see anyone unhappy.
  • He's oh-so sassy and wants to rule this roost. I think that's why he likes coloring so much, he gets to tell me what to draw and what color to use!
  • He's learning colors. He knows blue & yellow for sure... red and green seem a little hazy. 
  • He knows the number 2. And he will not settle for just one cracker. "Two, mama! TWO!"
  • He loves to play "ide!" And has been honing his hiding skillz. The hard part is waiting long enough to be found. :)
  • He can't hear music without singing and dancing. And the boy has some rhythm!

And what's probably our biggest B news right now - he's actually potty training! He's been wearing undies almost full time (minus bedtime and long drives) for a few weeks now with only a few accidents. It did throw him off visiting Grandpa & Grammy for a few days during Easter. Fortunately they are very good sports about accidents on the carpet. But overall he's doing great! We kind of stumbled across it and let him take the lead. We'd been laying some ground work for a few months, but it totally surprised us when he seemed ready to jump into it so soon. We're trying to be super chill about it and use lots of encouragement, not too much pressure. He's still just a little guy after all. But yeah, we are SO proud.

One of our favorite things about this boy is his little sense of humor. He cracks us up all. the. time. I don't know how such a little person knows how to be so funny already. Even little things like just deciding one day he'd rather wear underwear on his head. Or making up little sound effects, or new dance moves. Or teaching us that anything can be a choo-choo. He always keeps us guessing. And laughing. I think we'll keep him.

And for you, little B - We love you beyond words and couldn't imagine life without you. We pray that you come to love Jesus, never lose your love of adventure, face the world with confidence, love everyone, have a kind heart, and learn something new everyday. And always keep that sweet, sweet smile.

Happy birthday, sweet boy.

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  1. Children make you want to cry--and yes, sometimes it's for the wonderful, breathtaking moments you described. Being a mom is great. It's just too bad we can't freeze time. Also having all these moments written down can keep you grounded during those parenting moments that are not as rewarding. Treasure your time.