Saturday, April 20


Hello friends! Just a little Saturday post to share some pics from B's birthday last week. Like I said before, it was just a simple fun day at home. With lots of streamers and a few balloons to boot. Or to "knock" as B says when he bats them around.

We didn't get him many presents, but we tried to make them count. The big one was a police balance bike (available here). Thanks to a gift card in only set us back about $20. We got the idea from a friend who has a balance bike - they're supposed to be great for little guys who can't pedal yet. Balance is the hard part and they can learn that first! His little toes just barely touch the ground (oops), but we're hoping he grows into before summer is over. :) We also got him some GT & the Halo Express CDs.

But it turns out all presents fade in light of helium balloons.

He loves muffins, so we made these apple cream cheese muffins for breakfast.

He used his special monkey cups to drink milk while he waited. I think he went through half the stack at breakfast because he kept pouring from one cup to the next!

He blew out the first candled, then seemed a little perplexed about what to do with the other ones. He gave it one more shot before declaring it "HOT!" and deciding he'd rather watch mama blow them out.

I'm pretty sure he ate three....

It ended up being a dreary day so we spent our time inside playing trains and riding the new bike. And eating more muffins.

He also had a special treat when we made him "ice cream" (just yogurt, frozen berries, and honey in the blender) after dinner.

I think it was a pretty good day for a little guy. :)

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