Tuesday, April 9

When Pinterest is For the Birds

B turns two this week. I know, I can't believe it either. N and I have tossed a lot of ideas around over the last couple weeks about what to do - party or no party, go out or stay home, and what kinds of decorations, foods, and gifts we want to do. Now, I normally love pinterest and all the creative ideas, but there can definitely be too much of a good thing. This was one of those times. I started feeling like we needed a big party with perfect appetizers and hand crafted decorations and, frankly, didn't know how I would get it all done. We had a party last year and I made a few little decorations (like a mini garland) and it was a fun time, but we just didn't feel like that was the right route to go this year. And so, we have officially opted to ditch pinterest in favor of a super awesome, super simple birthday at home with just the family. A day that is all about our boy. We have a couple goals for the festivities:

Easy - We have packaged decorations and streamers. No hassle to make anything ahead of time. And B picked them out himself which makes it even more special! "What's that, bub? You want monkey cups with balloon plates? Sure thing. And Elmo wrapping paper? Sounds perfect!" No sweat to be all coordinated, just a little guys favorite things. :)

Cheap - A few decorations from Dollar Tree, some favorite homemade treats, and just a couple gifts. Plus some of his favorite free activities - a trip to the park, playing with trains, maybe some digging in the garden.

Small - We would love for family to celebrate with us too, but with them being so far away we just want to soak up our boy and not have to worry about anyone else. Selfish? Maybe a little. But seriously, this kid is growing up way to fast. And he only turns 2 once. :)

So B and I headed out today to get a few things for our little birthday extravaganza! I picked up some of his favorite foods like berries and the ingredients for apple muffins, then headed to Dollar Tree to pick out some cheap (and super easy) party supplies. Here's what we brought home:
  • streamers
  • cups & plates
  • a banner
  • table cloth and grass skirt (why not, right?)
  • candles
  • wrapping paper and a bow for his big gift
  • we're picking up some helium balloons later - it's a surprise!
I'm going to decorate after he goes to bed the night before his big day. Seriously, guys, it's going to look like a birthday explosion in here when he wakes up. And yes, it's a little kitschy and over-the-top and totally not pinterest worthy. But who cares? I just want B to walk out and know it's a special day. Just for him.With no stress for the parents so we can just enjoy the birthday boy!

Sometimes pinterest is for the birds. :)

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