Wednesday, February 26

A Taste of Spring

We were walking past the flower section in Kroger one day and Husband spotted a few bouquets clearanced for $2 each... and told me to pick a couple. Of course Big Brother wanted to help so I picked out some pretty white flowers and he picked out some purple ones. They just happened to go perfectly together, and they were the two biggest bunches! Big enough that I was able to spread them all around the house. I put some by the kitchen sink.

And some on the dining table.

And some on the entry table.

And even a few in the bathroom.

And that's how Husband won some major points for just $4. It was a breath of fresh air in a long and dreary winter! And they lasted almost three weeks with fresh water. But let me tell you, those whimsy wild-flower like bunches have me itching for warm spring days! I'm ready to get these little boys in the grass and my hands in the dirt. What are you guys looking forward to most in the spring?