Saturday, February 8

Boyz Be Cute

Just popping in today with some more pics of the cutie patooties that are my boys. Enjoy!

We found Big Brother laying in the middle of the kitchen floor looking at his Bible.

The faces of Baby Brother. Note the dimple. Be still my heart.

And all these are from a playtime photo shoot. You know, just because they're stinkin' adorable.

And then B decided to be a stinker and closed his eyes every time I pointed the camera at him. Which resulted in this trip down the slide:

"Mommy! Look how strong I am!"

Baby brother does some minor scooting, but he has mastered the pivot!

And ohmygoodness. That thumb.

This is when Big Brother got too close with his lego train and Baby Brother pounced. They are SO funny when they play together.

Play time apple.

And this is where I use badly lit photos to demonstrate Baby Brother's "crazy eyes." Whoa, baby.

This is when Big Brother went sledding at Great Grandma's house.

I was sorely under dressed for the occasion.

Fortunately he had some aunts to help him out.

And a Great Grandpa to help pack down the snow that was too deep for sledding.

While he ate snow.

And ate more snow.

And then ate some more snow.

And I'll leave you with an undercover baby and his tallest uncle.

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