Monday, February 10

Hedgehog Pillows

Throw pillows are one of my favorite ways to mix things up around the house. They're great for when a space starts to feel blah and you need a quick & affordable facelift. And at least for me... that happens a lot in the winter! Everything can feel a bit dreary and after being cooped up in the same four walls for a few weeks I start itching for a change. It's amazing what a lift a new color or pattern can give a room. And I think a set of hedgehog pillows like these ones I made for my sister-in-law just might fit the bill!

I've made owl pillows before (see the tutorial here) and used the same technique to whip up these little cuties. I love that these pillows have more fun and personality than the ordinary throw pillows I typically go with.

And I especially love that these are actually removable pillow cases! One of my favorite ways to save money with accent pillow is to keep using the same pillows and just replace the covers.

Here's all you need to make your own set of hedgehog pillows:
  • two 12 x 16" pillow forms (you can use another size and adjust your pillow case to fit)
  • 1.5 yards fabric (I used mustard colored quilting cotton)
  • three colors of felt (I bought 1/2 yard of each and had a LOT left over. I used dark brown, light brown, and an off-white.)
  • thread
  • hedgehog pattern
Start by pre-washing and drying your fabric. Then cut out two pillowcase pieces that are 17 x 38". Hem both short ends on each pillowcase - fold the edge under 1/2" and press, then 1/2" again and press. Stitch right along the folded edge. Then fold each pillow case in half to find the center and mark it (I just use a couple pins to mark it).

Next cut out the your hedgehog pieces from your felt. You can draw one freehand, or I sketched a pattern you can download here (the dotted lines show how the pieces overlap). I used the off-white for the 1st and 4th stripes, the light brown for the head, legs, 3rd and 6th stripes, and the dark brown for the nose, 2nd and 5th stripes. Remember to cut two of everything if you are making a pair! Once the pieces are cut out, lay them out on the center mark of the pillowcase. Get them set up how you want and pin them all in place.

For the second pillow I faced the hedgehog the other direction. Then sew them all in place by stitching around the edges starting with the bottom layers and working your way up (fold the upper layers up out of the way while you do each one). So start with the legs, then the back stripe, work your way up to the front stripe one at a time, then the head, then the nose. You see pictures of how I did it in the owl pillow tutorial.

Once the hedgehogs are attached you can finish the pillowcase! Lay the pillow case face-upand fold one end over, then the other so you end up with something like the pic below. You want the whole thing to end up 12" wide, and made sure the hedgehog is centered! Then sew along the top and bottom edges with a 1/2" seam allowance, flip the pillow case right side out, and stuff in your pillow form. Done!

They are super cute as a set of little buddy hedgehogs. If I made these for our bed I would totally put a little heart over the noses so they could be hedgehogs in love. It would also be fun to add some smaller baby hedgehogs to match your family. Or try experimenting with other colors of felt or a patterned fabric!

I'm on such an animal pillow kick now and I want to make some for Big Brother, too. I'm thinking either a dinosaur or a crocodile. He loves crocodiles and says it so. funny. Once both boys ("both guys" as Big Brother refers to them) share a room it would also be cute to have matching pillows for their beds.

But for now I just have my owl pillows since these little hedgies are off to their new home.

You can make your own owl pillows, too!

If you need a break from pillow making, you can check out these pictures of our little pillow photo bomber.

"Is a edge-og!"

I would start snapping and he would just flop into the picture with a smile. These are my favorite:

Anytime he wasn't smiling like a crazy goose, he was making this face.

And listing all the other things I should take pictures of in the room... like this screen print by his Aunt Beffy.

Then he ran around the bed in tiny circles as fast as he could. Which resulted in some nice crazy-eyes.

But seriously, I would take these sweet eyes in a photo bomb any day. I could eat this boy up.

If you were choosing any animal for a pillow, what kind of animal would you pick? And where would you put the pillow?

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