Wednesday, November 22

Christmas Gift Guide for Any Guy (including stocking stuffers!)

Men. I always find them hardest to shop for at Christmas. Anyone else? If so, we're here to get you started with a few tried and true gifts I've used with my own mister, including stocking stuffer ideas down below. (We also have 2017 gift guides for ladies and for little boys!)  Here are a few that have been his favorites:

  1. A nice watch - you can go with a snazzy classic like this, a smart watch for a techy guy, or something waterproof and durable. (find it here)
  2. Tools - a Dremel is super handy for all kinds of little projects and fixes! Other great options would be a drill, Kreg Jig, or miter saw. (find it here)
  3. A wallet - I find myself buying him a wallet every few years as they wear out. I always look for a bifold wallet with flip ID and RFID block. (find it here)
  4. Harry Potter Illustrated Books - my husband loves these. They've released one each Christmas the last two years, and this year is #3. Don't worry, he's good at acting surprised. (find it here)
  5. Thing Explainer - one more book that's one of my guy's favorites. He read me a few parts and it was pretty funny! (find it here)
  6. A t-shirt - this is my go-to gift for the guys I don't know what to buy for (meaning brothers-in-law). I love to find something funny or related to their interests. (find it at BrainLevel on Etsy)
  7. A tool tote - like a tool box, but better suited to organize and carry your larger hand tools. (find it here)
  8. Snacks or Drinks - My husband loves rootbeer so I always keep an eye out for new varieties he hasn't tried yet. If that fails I can always grab an old favorite!
Once you've got your presents for under the tree, it's time to think about that stocking! These little gifts range from fun to practical and everything in between. You may even want to pick up a few for yourself!

  1. Exploding Kittens - or any small game. (find it here)
  2. Pen lights - these are so practical, and with a set he can keep one in the car, one in the toolbox and one at the office. (find them here)
  3. Collapsible water bottle - perfect for carrying in a gym bag or backpack. I want one of these for myself! (find it here)
  4. Gloves - a nice durable pair, especially if he's always ripping them. If he doesn't need sturdy work gloves, you could try cozy winter gloves or lightweight driving gloves. (find them here)
  5. Gear Ties - these handy little bendy ties are great for wrangling cords and chargers, and they come in several sizes. (find them here)
  6. Small tools - a pair of pliers, new drill bits, or mini screwdrivers. (find it here)
  7. Socks - I'm loving these Star Wars Ugly sweater socks! (find them here)
  8. Car Escape Tool - it clips on a key chain and could save a life! (find it here)
  9. Pocket Utility Tool - skip the typical pocket knife and go with something a little different like this nail clipper utility tool that includes scissors and a knife. (find it here)
  10. Man Soap - my guy has had his eye on this deep cleaning bar soap with pumice for his messier jobs around the house. (find it here)
That's all I've got for the guys. I mean seriously, that's it. So tell me - what are your favorite gifts for guys??

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