Monday, November 27

Merry Bats

I realized this year we have a special Christmas tradition. One we just stumbled onto by accident. And it's too funny not to share! It stems from our one Halloween tradition - making paper bats. Can you spot it?

Every year we hang paper bats, and every year the boys are heartbroken at the thought of taking them down to make room for Christmas decorations. So, year after year, those little bats make an appearance alongside the lights, garland, and nativity. You can see them lined up behind the tree above, but this was my favorite take on Merry Bats from a couple years ago:

We made each bat its own little paper Santa hat. Which was especially cute for our bats hanging from the ceiling. I expect we'll be making a few extra hats for their paper Frankensteins this year!

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Flashback to #3's first Christmas, and the year of the Santa bats:

And to last month's project day at Home Depot:

Because Papa says there aren't enough photos of his boys. :)

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

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