Friday, November 24

Favorite DIY Gifts for Baby

Have a baby or two on your gift list this year? These DIY baby gifts are some of our favorites!
I use the same technique to make my favorite toddler blanket!
This easy flannel blanket gift set is my other fave.
Stretchy wraps are our very favorite for little babies, and they are super easy to make. Make a super simple one here, and one with a pretty accent fabric here. Don't forget a babywearing jacket insert for mom, too!
Super Snuggly Bibs and Burp Cloths
DIY babylegs (made from Dollar Tree socks) are perfect for chilly weather.
These taggie wooden teethers are great for a stocking.
This stroller-friendly diaper bag is a knock-out winner. It converts from a messenger style bag to a stroller bag with just a few snaps, and is packed with pockets.
The stroller tote is just as handy (and easier to sew). It snaps on your stroller and you can put your favorite diaper bag (or jackets or snacks or whatever) inside to keep your hands free.
Ring slings take a little more work than the stretchy wrap, but they are totally worth it and my other favorite for little babies (and short carries for bigger guys). I always keep one in the van!
A Mei Tai is a good option for a bigger baby.
If you know a mama who likes to wrap, this shorty wrap is super easy and so handy I keep it in the car!
This wet bag isn't just for cloth diapers, it's also great for wet clothes, dirty burp rags, and more!

What are your favorite homemade baby gifts?

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