Sunday, October 16

Day 16 - Shop the House

Day 16 already? Over half-way done with our series! Sometimes you don't even have to set foot outside your door to find new and interesting ways to decorate your home. Today we'll talk about shopping your house to find new things for your spaces.

The first step in being able to shop your home is to  have pieces that can move seamlessly from room to room without looking out of place. The best way to make this possible is to have a similar theme (in style & color) throughout your home so your pieces will work in multiple rooms.

Accessories - Things like curtains, throw pillows, lamps, and pictures can easily be moved from room to room to freshen things up. Start by collecting all the accessories and decorative items from a room and move them out. Just get them out of the way so you have a clean slate to work with. Now you can start shopping! Go through your house and grab the things from other rooms that would be a fun update to your space, and get decorating! (installing an easy art ledge like this one makes it super easy to switch out art and accessories whenever the mood strikes you!)

Furniture - Sometimes a bigger item can serve a better purpose in another space. Look through your home for any pieces of furniture that are just kind of "there" and not really being utilized to their full potential. Maybe there is another place in your home where that piece would be more functional and useful to you. When I needed a night stand/toy storage for Baby B's room I found the perfect thing right across the hall in the office. A little table that just had a printer sitting on top was a perfect fit in the nursery (after a fresh coat of paint) and the previously unused shelves underneath make a perfect home for Baby B's toys!

All the Rest - Don't stop yet, you still have more potential to find! Look for anything that could be used in a new way. Do you have some place mats that would make great new pillow covers? Or a cute greeting card that could be framed? Or maybe you have some old sheet music you could use to cover a lamp like we did for our dining area.

There are so many possibilities already in your home, so start shopping! Have you shopped your home before? What great things have you found right under your nose?

Also, do you have any questions, suggestions, ideas, etc. that you would like to see featured before the series is over? I'll be happy to address anything you want as we start to wrap up the series. Thanks for reading!

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