Wednesday, October 26

Day 26 - Closet Space

I've never heard anyone say they had too much storage. So today we'll look at making the most of the storage space you have.

Like most homes, ours has a closet in each bedroom and since the bedrooms aren't huge the closet has a big job to do for both organization and storage. Here are a couple ways we are trying to get the most out of our closet spaces.

In the nursery we only  have to hang short clothes for the time being, so we installed some simple shelves so we can organize diapers, burp rags, clothes and toys into cloth bins. The shelves can easily be removed  as Baby B grows and his needs change.

We use a similar set up in the office to organize fabric and craft supplies. You can see how we installed the shelves here. We just ran 1x2s around the walls of the closet as support and laid a 1/12 across them. So easy!

There is a small closet in our hallway that houses towels and extra blankets. I built these small shelves and mounted them on the door to hold things like extra shampoo, lotion, and sunscreen. They turned out a little wonky, but they work great. I built them out of 1x2s with nails and glue, and they cost less than $1 each!

We also have a master closet...which is in no state to make an internet appearance. Sorry. I have to draw the line somewhere, right? It really hasn't gotten any attention yet and is totally unorganized. But it's on the to-do list, so someday you'll get to see it someday. You know you want to. Until then, please feast your eyes on these beautifully organized closets I found on pinterest that give us all somethings to shoot for. I suddenly feel very motivated to tackle our closet. :)

If you are one of those lucky few who have an extra closet sitting around (oh, how I envy you) you could turn it in to a reading nook. I dream of having one of these for Baby B someday....

How do you make the most of your closet's storage potential? Is there a way to make your storage mor functional for your needs? Are your closets as pretty as my inspiration pics? (and if so how do you do it?!?) Or are you hiding your closet behind closed doors like a certain master closet that shall remain nameless?


  1. I currently have my closet doors off to paint (since I moved in August) so I have been doing a better job about keeping my closets looking neat in my bedroom. For my clothes, I organize by tops, bottoms, work vs. casual and then by color. Having things in color sections helps me put together outfits faster :)

  2. Yay for painting! How's it going? And kudos on the tidy closet too. You are super organized with your clothes! I just kind of group things like dresses & sweaters, but that's as far as I get. Now I really want to see your closet. :)