Wednesday, October 19

Day 19 - Bulletin Boards

For me, part of making my home look great is organization. Before I can organize things like toys or dishes, I first need to organize my thoughts so I can get started right. One thing that helps me do that is the bulletin board in my office where I can pin up inspiration pictures, reminders, things I'm working on, and even bills I need to pay. Let's just say the saying "Out of sight, out of mind" totally applies to me and I need things out in the open so I remember to work on them. So today we'll be looking at ways to make these super handy pieces look good!

I'm still working on making our office/guest room look great while having great function, and my bulletin board is a perfect example of this. I found a Pottery Barn bulletin board that I loved, so I made a knock off out of an old bulletin board I already had. You can see the full project here. What I ended up with was a board that looks great, and is still super functional.

I have one other bulletin board, and it's a big one. It's actually in Baby B's room! Auntie B found a huge bulletin board the church was going to throw out and, being the artist she is, she took it home to make it beautiful. She painted this fun birdie picture on it for the nursery.


It fits perfectly in the otherwise unusable space between the two doors in the nursery and adds some great color to the room. It will also be wonderful once Baby B starts making art because we will have someplace to pin it up! Auntie B is going to paint a growth chart up the side of it when she visits, too. It's going to be great!

Here are some other great bulletin board ideas I found on pinterest:


Could you benefit from adding a bulletin board at home to keep your thoughts focused? Or do you already have one that could use a makeover? Or maybe you've already tackled a project like this - I'd love to hear the details!


  1. These are some AWESOME ideas. LOVE The bulletin board in Baby B's room. That is one talented Auntie. I am just like you, I have a magnet board in the kitchen (sort of my command central) that I keep bills that need to be paid, etc. so they stay top of mind. Although I do have to say, back in the day I did that too, but I actually "lost" a pair of tickets because I didn't realize they were there. Oops!

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  3. Returning the favor and visiting!
    I love, love, love your site and am a new follower!
    So glad we've crossed paths...

  4. Jen, that is so funny! I totally lose things on my bulletin board, too! But I think I would lose MORE things without it. :)

    Stefanie & Healthy Branscoms, thanks for following my series! I'm loving this whole thing. I have found so many great new blogs already!