Sunday, October 30

Day 30 - Put in the Work

Finding hidden potential isn't easy. It takes time and sometimes a lot of effort. A little research doesn't hurt, either.

When you're trying to save money on your home, you usually have to make an investments in other ways. Here are a few things I put the most investment into to save some $$$:


Most of the things I do for my home require repair, a face-lift, or are started from scratch. That definitely takes more time than walking into a store and buying something, but it can save tons of money.

There is a lot of planning involved for most of our projects. We plan out what we want, the cheapest way to get it, and how to make it work. Things like drawing plans for furniture, checking out different options at the hardware store, and putting together a shopping list for supplies all take time!

I also spend quite a bit of time hunting before I even get to the repairing/face-lifting stage. I've gone to countless yard sales and sorted through hundreds of piles to find the cheapest items for my home.

Physical Effort 
Saving money can also take a lot of physical effort. Anything from scrubbing an old dresser, to sewing new pillow cases, to refinishing a piece of furniture. Our most exhausting project thus far was refinishing our hardwood floors. It took more than 24 hours of bent-over work, but saved us hundreds of dollars. And we have beautiful new floors as a result!

I also find that researching can help a lot. My favorite research spot is, of course, pinterest. I find all kinds of ideas there. I also read different home improvement blogs, and love clipping inspirations pictures from magazines (Better Homes and Gardens is my fave!). It's so great to find fresh ideas to keep the wheels turning. Here are a few favorite blogs that keep me thinking and creating:

So, I guess that's just the trade off for saving money. If you're willing to put in the work, I think anybody can find the potential in their home and make it beautiful on a budget. What area do you invest the most in to make things affordable for your home?

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