Tuesday, October 25

Day 25 - Knock it Off

I can't believe we have less than a week left in the series already. October is flying by!

You may remember last week when I talked about building your own furniture to save money. Today I've been thinking about all the other things you can knock-off to get big ticket style for low cost. Everything from making your own curtains, to creating your own accessories, to making a DIY rug! Here are a few ideas I've been eying recently:

Knock Off Decor
I just found this website that hold hundreds of knock off projects! Everything from furniture to mirrors to accessories. It's a great place to find tutorials for the great pieces you seen in catalogs. You can even search by company (15 to choose from! Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, etc.). I'm already making a list of projects to tackle.

Window Mistreatments
This blog is a collection of window mistreatment projects. Most of the projects are no-sew, and many are knock-off of name brands styles. I'm planning to try one of these tutorials for our guest room...I just have to decide which one!

Rug Tutorials - via Babble
I never thought of trying to make my own rug until I saw this! Whether you sew, crochet, or paint there is a tutorial or two for you. We've been looking for an affordable rug for months, and I think this may be our answer! Now I just have to decide which one I want to try. :)

Have you had your eye on something you'd love to try to DIY? What are your favorite resources for DIY home projects?


  1. ooh, these are some great ideas! I like younghouselove.com for DIY ideas. They have some great taste. Thanks for your comment over at my blog too!! I have to get caught up on your series, becoming a follower right now! :-)

  2. Ooooo, good one! I love that blog! My favorite thing ever was the master closets in their old house. So cool. Thanks for checking out my series! I really enjoyed yours!