Thursday, October 13

Day 13 - Have a Sale

Even though we try to use what we have, there are some things that just won't cut it in our homes because they don't fit our needs. This is when we have to look to them for a different kind of potential....

Sometimes the best potential something has is the money you can get out of it! So find those things in your home that aren't serving you well, clear them out, and have a yard sale! It's much better to get a little cash than to keep putting up with something you don't need or want. And when you have a yard sale, you're getting something else important too - space! Getting rid of that thing that that just isn't working for you gives you more room to move, more room to breathe, more potential to find a solution that will work just the way you need it to. Plus you'll have a few extra dollars in your pocket to help you reach that solution when you find it.

We had a yard sale earlier this summer and got enough from the things that weren't doing us any favors to buy the sink of my dreams (even if it was from the as-is section. we can totally make it work). I think it was a very happy trade!

So go get rid of the things that just aren't right for your home and see how much new potential you find in the process!


  1. Here's a tip for planning a garage sale.

    In November, after the elections, I wait to see which candidate's people aren't cleaning up their signage on the side of the road. (Usually they lost.)

    I collect a few - doing my part to clean up the neighborhood - and I get some really sturdy signs for my next garage sale!

    ~ Dana @ Cooking At Cafe D
    "31 Days - 31 Minutes to a More Organized Life!"

  2. That's a great idea, Dana! I was going to buy some garage sale signs this summer, but I couldn't believe how expensive they were. I'll definitely be doing this next time! Thanks!