Monday, December 18

DIY Wooden Stocking Tags

I know, I know. I'm changing up the stockings again. Turns out I have a have a restless spirit when it comes to stockings - which you've probably noticed if you've followed me for more than one Christmas (you can read all about it and see my long stocking history here, if you're curious). But I would like to say, for the record, that this year I only added tags to the new stockings I made last year. So. That's something. 

I'd also like to say that I only spent about $5 for this whole project and it was a really affordable and fun way to dress up and personalize our stockings! And you can make your own wooden stocking tags in time for Christmas with just a few simple supplies and a crazy simple technique (no fancy equipment required!)

To make a set you'll need: 

Print out the letter template and use the pencil to color the back side of the letters you plan to use (and the back of the leaves):

Cut the template out an center it on one of the wooden circles:

Use the pen to firmly trace the letter and leaves. This will transfer a pencil outline onto the wood! (I didn't cut out the templates when I made the one in this picture, but they are much easier to work with when they are cut out!)

You can see the pencil marks transferred to the wood from this "J":

Use a very fine tip paintbrush (seriously. you'll have a terrible time if your brush isn't super fine) to paint the pencil outlines:

After the paint dries you can add the string or a ribbon. I drilled a hole at the top center of each tag and tied the string through it, but if you don't have a drill you could also glue the string to the back:

Tie the tags to the loops of your stockings:

That's it! Now tell me you don't want make new stocking tags, too? And, I mean, why not make some cute new stockings while you're at it? I can tell you from experience: stockings and tags can turn "Give a Moose a Muffin" really quickly.

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What are you making this Christmas season??

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