Friday, November 17

Boy's Wallet Tutorial {perfect stocking stuffer!}

This wallet is a stocking stuffer I made up for my boys a couple years ago, and it's one of my favorites. Our boys love having a wallet like their daddy, and when the save up enough birthday money for a new lego set they are so excited to put it in their wallet and head to the store.

They are cute as can be, and you can make them in any fabric your kids like! I know I call it a boy's wallet (because boys everywhere around here) but it really is great for any kid and a girl would love it just as much. You can change the fabric to suit anyone on your list!

The best thing about this wallet is the kid-friendly features, like a zipper coin pocket (they have an amazing amount of change in those banks) and a velcro closure to keep everything secure.

Wednesday, November 15

Christmas Gifts & Stocking Stuffers for HER

We've already shared a long list of our favorite gifts for boys, so today we're talking about the ladies with a round-up of our *cough* my top gift ideas for 2017! Followed by a few of my favorite stocking-size gifts. But let's start with the big stuff:

  1. A pretty watch - I love this dark face with brown strap combo (find it on Amazon). 
  2. A craft kit - this is a great chance to let her try a new skill she's had her eye on! These embroidery kits look fun and so beautiful (find them at TamarNahirYanai on Etsy).
  3. A bullet journal - all the rage, and perfect to tuck in your purse to keep all you thoughts with you (find it on Amazon).  
  4. Pretty mixing bowls - think something useful that is pretty enough to display on open shelving in the kitchen. I love gifts that are useful, and even more so if it's pretty. (find it on Amazon)
  5. A blanket scarf - super cute and amazingly warm! (find it on Amazon)
  6. A beautiful blanket - a picnic blanket, a cozy throw, whatever tickles her fancy. This is a great gift that's as practical as it is beautiful! (find it on Amazon)
  7. A bag or purse - because bags are my weakness and they just might be hers, too! Plus it's the perfect place to carry her new bullet journal (and several of our stocking stuffers, too). (find it at TippyThai on Etsy)
  8. Boot cuffs - another great item in our "keep Georgia warm" theme. Bonus points because they're cute! (find them at TwigBerryStudio on etsy)
 And now. This is important. Don't forget her stocking. Here are a few of my favorite stocking-size gifts to get you started:
  1. Handmade goat milk soap - good for your skin and smells yummy, too. (find it at GorgeousSoap on Etsy)
  2. Collapsible water bottle - my ever-thirsty-self would love one of these tucked in my purse for water emergencies. (find it on Amazon)
  3. Handmade chapstick - I love the all-natural ones, and especially with a mild honey scent. (find it at MelaniesApothecary on Etsy)
  4. Wooden bead "Mama Necklace" - I wear these even when I don't have a baby in the house! They add a beautiful, natural element to your style. I love them so much, I even started making them myself. (find them at SewGeorgia on Etsy)
  5. Car-escape keychain tool - a great little gift that perfect to tuck in a purse and just might save a life! You could also tuck in a pen light for emergencies. (find it on Amazon)
  6. A ring - this double-knot ring is beautiful, and especially meaningful if it comes from her main squeeze. (find it at LeCubicule on Etsy)
  7. White peach loose leaf tea - my favorite! Add in a tea cup with a loose leaf tea strainer for good measure. There's nothing like a warm cup of tea on a cold day! (find it at KimberlysKupboard on Etsy)
  8. A globe locket - even better if you fill it with a great photo of her favorite people! (find it at SilkPurseSowsEar on Etsy)
  9. Handmade mittens - a perfectly warm and cozy gift, and I love that they are upcycled from sweaters! (find them at MadeAgainMittens on Etsy!)
Those are my forerunners for 2017! Obviously, I just want to be warm. And put things in my purse. Preferably a new purse.

Check out the rest of our Christmas posts and projects here:

What are your top gifts for the ladies this year? What should I add to my list??

Tuesday, November 14

DIY Christmas Tree Signs (like Joanna Gaines'!)

Confession: Joanna Gaines is my BFF.

Confession #2: She miiiiiight not know it. Yet.

But I think we all know there's no-one like her when it comes to design. And her Christmas decor? A--ma--zing. One of my favorite things is the vintage "Christmas Trees for Sale" sign in her kitchen. MY sister-in-law and I loved it so much, we used it as inspiration for one of our sister craft nights! And now you can make your own, too.

Ours are quite a bit smaller than the original, which makes them easier to fit in if you don't have a large wall to fill. Plus easier to store in the off-season!

Here's all you need:
  • a piece of wood 25" x 8" (my SIL brought plywood scraps that were already primed on one side)
  • red paint
  • green paint
  • white paint - optional (our boards were primed and I didn't paint mine any more than that)
  • the template  (it includes options for single trees like the original, or the groups of three that we used)
Start by printing out the template. For my printer, when the print screen pops up I can click the "poster" option and it will automatically break up the image and print out all three sheets. Tape the pieces together.

Friday, November 10

DIY Star Wars Pillows and Blanket set

This may not look like a Christmas project right off the bat, but it's a gift set I made for my sister last Christmas so I'm going to count it! This is a great gift option to get bedding for your kids in whatever theme they like best without spending a fortune. And oh my goodness I just thought of this - you could make special Christmas bedding to pull out every December!

P.S. Click the image below to see all our Christmas projects and DIY gift ideas in one place.

I followed a few different tutorials to complete the set - it includes a large fleece throw/bedspread, a standard pillow case, and a throw pillow. I used this tutorial to make the standard pillowcase in the darker starwars cotton fabric, with the accent band made from the BB8 fabric. The fleece blanket was really easy, and is the same technique I've used to make a few fleece blankets for us (tutorial here). They are our favorite because they are so warm and so BIG. I used matching Star Wars fleece for the front and lined it with a solid blue back.

Tuesday, November 7

Hand-painted Wooden Ornaments (& Sister Craft Night)

My sister-in-law and I have craft nights now and then, and one of my favorite projects last year had a fun Christmas flair. We hand-painted wooden ornaments for our Christmas trees!

I highly recommend this tradition. One of my favorite things about moving to Indiana is having my SIL in town for fun things like craft night, and our Christmas projects were the best. We had a lot of fun with this project, and it was easy to complete in an evening. It's also a great project for a group because you can all paint together, but decorate them to your own taste.

This was a spur of the moment craft because my SIL spotted wooden ornaments on sale at Michaels and gave me the heads up to go grab a few. I bought a variety of shapes and sizes, plus a few extra for the kids to paint later.

Friday, November 3

Ewok/Bear Cave Altoid Tin Playset (perfect stocking stuffer!)

I love hunting down the perfect stocking stuffers for my boys, and this might be one of my favorites ever. It's the perfect size for a stocking, and a great travel toy for little hands (which will be perfect for holiday traveling).

Our biggest boy is really into Star Wars, which means our second boy also thinks it's the bees knees, and the little one wants whatever his big brothers have. And so I ended up making three sets! But if the little ones should decide they aren't interested in Ewoks the hood comes off to leave a fuzzy little bear. It took a few hours to make all three, but they were super affordable so it was worth the effort!

You can find more of our DIY Christmas gift and decor ideas by clicking here:

I styled my set off a super cute Ewok set on Etsy (her whole shop Wish with Me is adorable!) but for $35 each and three stockings to fill, I didn't have the budget for it. Thank goodness for DIY! My bear is based off one bybido made for an altoid set using this mollie makes template. But I altered it to look more Ewok-ish so I'm including that in my printable pattern as well.

Wednesday, November 1

Mini Christmas Tree Decor (perfect for the kids!)

It's official. We're switching to Christmas mode. Even if you're a no-Christmas-before-Thanksgiving believer, now is the perfect time to planning ahead for the season! Especially if you're planning any handmade gifts or DIY decor projects. Today we're talking about a super easy Christmas decor idea that our boys absolutely loved last year - decorating with mini trees!

All we bought for this project was a few packages of mini trees (also called bottle brush trees or sisal trees, here are some on Amazon) and mini wreathes, all from Michaels. They were only $3/package to start with, but they also happened to be 40% off the day we went shopping!

When we got home we pulled out a few of the boys toy cars and some festive twine from my wrapping paper stash (purchased at Ikea a couple years ago, but bakers twine would work even better).

 We used the twine to tie a tree on top of each car. Project done. :) We used larger 3" tree for their large cars: