Thursday, January 1

Hello 2015 {and the best of 2014}

Happy 2015, friends! We enter this new year full of thankfulness. Thankful for dear friends, wonderful family, our sweet boys, food on our table, and so much more. So we want to kick off 2015 with a great big THANK YOU. Thank you for hanging with us through the past year. Thank you for sharing our planning and trying, our success and our major fails. Seriously. Thank you.

We can't wait to see what 2015 has in store, and we have a few new projects planned for you guys! But before we start the new, we took at look at our top posts from the last year. Some of the most popular posts really surprised us! Here's a peek at our top posts of 2014, followed by most popular of all time. If you're looking for a new project in 2015, this is a great place to start!

So let's start with the top new posts of 2014:

#1 - The time I dyed our favorite baby wrap. It won as the most popular post, and as the most surprising underdog! We never would have guessed! 

#2 -The tutorial for how we hacked our Ikea Kura bed tent during the boys' room makeover.

#3 - The wooden animal treehouse we made for Big Brother.

#4 - My easy baby doll ring sling tutorial.

#5 - Our favorite, oversize, cozy fleece blanket tutorial.

#6 - The stroller-friendly diaper bag pattern and tutorial.

#7 - Our easy and affordable faux brick backsplash tutorial.

#8 - The 2x4 garden fence we built to keep the bunnies at bay.

#9 - My tutorial for turning a regular slip into a pretty lace skirt-extending slip.

#10 - And finally one of our favorite DIY new baby gifts - taggie teething toys.

And these are the top ranked posts of all time:

#1 - The intro to our series 31 Day of 2x4 Projects is our most popular post to date. It's full of great, affordable projects!

#2 - The outdoor sectional we built entirely from 2x4s.

#3 - Our plans for a 2x4 casual desk that's super easy to build. Check out the great project photos submitted by readers!

#4 - The Rhyan coffee table. It was our very first furniture plan and first building project. There are some amazing photos that have been submitted by readers who built variations of this table! Check it out! And thanks to everyone who has sent in pictures! :)

#5 - The plans for a simple chair made from 2x4s.

#6 - Our concrete countertop tutorial - we still love it!

#7 - Another 2x4 project! This time the simple modern bed featuring an oversize headboard and built-in nightstands.

#8 - Plans for an outdoor storage bench (plus planters and a regular bench to make a full set).

#9 - This 2x4 chunky bar stool is great for an eat-in kitchen!

#10 - Last but not least, a DIY shoe rack that is probably the fastest, easiest plan we've made.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you had a great year with lots of DIY! What was your favorite post or DIY project in 2014? What would you love to see this year?

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